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   Chapter 38 Anger

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 4374

Updated: 2019-11-12 21:25

Ariana's p.o.v

I felt beyond awkward as i stood watching king kissing with a blond lady.

She pulled back when he groped her ass, i stood with wide eyes, why was i the only one seeing such crap since morning.

"Honey i love the blue diamond earrings that you had sent for me, i want to thank you personally in your bed" she whispered as i chucked lowly.

What a gold digger, this type of woman was the bad type that lead all men to think that all women were the same, she was so shameless.

"Not today babe, i have work to take care of, how about you let Chris drive you home, you need to rest, a beautiful body such as yours needs care" he whispered as she giggled loudly i couldn't hold back the laughter i felt, i burst out laughing as they all looked at me like i was crazy.

"Oh sorry don't mind me, i still have time to watch your pathetic shitty drama" i said loudly in laughter.

"Whose this trash?" The blond asked as my laughter stopped.

"Don't mind her, she's a nobody" he answered as i glared at him angrily.

"Hmm she sure has guts to laugh in front of me, does she even know who i ?" the blond asked as i smiled.

"Judging from your hair is your name perhaps blondy?" I asked as king laughed silently.

"King are you going to let her embarrass me like this? Who the hell doe

eated with her words.

"You know what? I have to start preparing my work, i will talk to you later" i said then disconnected the call before she could continue with her crazy questions.

I put the phone on my bed and went out of the bedroom to get a glass of water in the kitchen, i stopped half way when i saw king kissing a topless red head that looked a bit younger than him.

'What was wrong with him? An hour didn't even pass by, wasn't he with blondy a while ago? now he was making out with another one? Was he a dog in heat? I asked myself.

Staying in my room was the safest choice i was left with, i turned and went back.

"What the hell, why do i keep on running into his sex make out?" I asked myself lowly when i entered my room.

"Aish that crazy horny bastard, i wish he gets sick of something" i whispered while i closed the door and locked it.

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