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   Chapter 37 awkward

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5394

Updated: 2019-11-12 20:46

Chapter contains smut (18+)

Ariana's p.o.v

I was woken up by music, i rubbed my eyes then looked at the small clock that was on my beside table (05 Am) this was way to early than the time i usually woke up.

I stood up and went out of my room, i followed the sound of music downstairs and into an open room were loud moans were coming from, i stood frozen watching what was happening in  in front of me.

A naked lady had her hands pressed on the wall to balance herself, she was moaning loudly with her eyes closed while the man that stood behind her thrust in her with low groans.

"King its so deep" she moaned out loudly.

I was about to move and turn back when the guy looked at me with an angry expression, his dark ocean blue eyes were warning me to get the hell out.

"I'm sorry" i said in fear then ran out and into my room, i quickly locked the door and touched my chest feeling my heart that was beating wildly.

'Who was that man? Why would he be doing such a think in Pete's house?' I asked myself silently.

I got up and started unpacking my things and putting them in the wardrobe, after making sure everything was in order, i took a bath and dressed up, i made the bed and sat down thinking about what i had saw some few hours ago.

I was startled when i heard a nock from my door, i quickly stood up and opened the door, Pete was looking very nice in some blue shorts and white vest, he muscles were eye candy for my eyes, i smiled back as i tried to act normal.

"Morning" he greeted.

"Morning" i answered lowly.

"I came to call you down for breakfast or would you prefe

g with me? If you are this would be so..

"Awkward" he finished the sentence for me.

"How did you know i was going to say that?" I asked seriously.

"Because you are very easy to read" he answered simply as I felt like i was being insulted.

I moved away from him and tried to keep myself calm, when i saw the big empty site that was ahead of me, i instantly calmed down and smiled.

"This is were you will be working on with the team, i also want you to add a beautiful garden " he said with a smile.

I looked at him in admiration, his smile was so Bright and beautiful, he really was the whole package, it made me forget about what kind of man the rumor said he was.

"Are you checking me out?" He asked with a chuckle.

"No!" I answered loudly feeling a little embarrassed because i was really checking him out.

"You are so cute when you get embarrassed" he teased.

I was about to tell him to stop with his cheesy lines when a tall blond approached us, she smiled happily when she reached where we were and kissed king deeply as he kissed her back.

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