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   Chapter 36 My type

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5264

Updated: 2019-11-12 20:45

Ariana's p.o.v

I was so over the moon when my Superior at work gave me the contract i had been praying for, i was to supervise the construction that was going to cover all of my problems, i really needed the money a lot, the only condition i hated in the contract was the fact that i had to stay in the same house as the owner of the house Mr Edih and rumor was spreading around of how he was a total womanizer, but according to all the woman he was a Greek god in the flesh that was worth dying for.

I wasn't very pretty but i was sure i was somehow attractive, i mean i stood at 6'0, slim with a fair skin and medium breast, i wasn't that bad at all.

I was sitting in the car that had been on the road for more than two hours, i was looking at the prints of the place i had to supervise, the driver was kind enough to let me be, without being disturbed, i had a lot to plan and think about.

"Lady isn't this the place?" He asked as i looked at the huge gate that was in front of us.

"It should be the one" i answered as i folded the prints and pulled some money from my hand bag then handed it to the driver.

I came out with my small suitcase and moved to the gate, i regretted leaving my car back home, but i was in such a hurry that i didn't know were i had left my keys, i stood looking at the monitor and the security camera that was there.

The gate opened and a guard came out.

"Are you miss Ariana?" He asked.

"Yes" i answered quickly.

"May i see your work id or any form of identification?" He asked.

"Sure" i answered.

I put the suit

ay he is?" She asked quickly as i frowned annoyed at her.

"Now i know the reason why you  called" i answered.

"Oh come on, tell me! I'm dying to know, is he unfriendly and cold like the portray him to be?" She asked.

"Well, he is very handsome, but he doesn't seem cold and unfriendly, his quite the opposite it seems, his kind and friendly, he welcomed me personally at the door and carried my suitcase plus showed me my room" i answered with a smile.

"Mmmm be careful, you already sound like a fan girl, you might fall for him" she warned as i laughed.

"I won't, i was just answering your desperate questions, i wish you could have been here with me" i said as she laughed too.

"No way, i can't leave the office alone, since you aren't here, Its now my chance to outshine you, maybe our boss might now notice me" she answered.

"Okay, let me get some rest, i will call you when i finish unpacking okay" i said.

"Alright" she answered then disconnected the call.

I lay down while thinking of how the day would be tomorrow.

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