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   Chapter 33 Epilogue

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5358

Updated: 2019-11-10 12:00

Natasha's p.o.v

I took my vows from the heart as Noah did too, this time our wedding was filled with joy and happiness, there wasn't only James and rick, but his family and friends from the army were invited, my cheeks were hurting because i couldn't stop smiling, my wedding dress was like a fairy tale dress which was given to me by Noah's mother as a gift, the father covered for everything and was very happy to meet me, he mostly talked about how father was, back in the day, his family was very kind and welcoming, i looked at them as my own family, i stood in front of everyone with a glass of wine watching people dance happily.

"Now this is quiet a wedding and reception, congratulation man" James said with a smile while hugging Noah.

"Thanks" Noah answered then pulled back.

"Natasha you look, wow, you are stunning, if you had a little sister i swear i would go for her" he said as Noah glared at him.

"Kidding" James said with a soft laugh.

"Hello, can i have your attention please" rick said loudly as everyone looked at him.

"Can you all lift your wine glasses up" he said as everyone did.

"This is to the blessed couple who not only made it through a lot, but also love each other dearly, in most of my time spent with Noah i saw how sturbon he was, but after meeting his queen, that's Natasha, she managed to tame him and bring out the best in him, Natasha we love you a lot and we thank you for joining our family, i speak for everyone, so lets toast to such pure happiness" he said loudly as i felt my tears form.

We all lifted our glasses and drunk happily, No


He turned and looked at me from head to toe, i wanted to continue staring at him but his eyes felt like they were burning me up, i faced the other side shyly, he moved closer and stood in front of me, i faced him calmly.

"I have been keeping myself busy with reading just to take my mind off of you, i have been dying to make love to you for a very long time, you will forgive me if i fail to hold you gently" he whispered.

I curved my arms around his shoulders and laughed softly.

"Can we stop talking already?" I asked.

He swept me off of my feet and kissed my head happily.

"Well then, i wont hold back honey, but i will really take my time with you because i know that we have a very long road ahead of us to take, we will have each others back no matter what, just the two of us always together" he said as i closed my eyes enjoying his embrace.

Looking back i thought i had made a grave mistake, but now i knew, the grave mistake i could have made was to let go of The only man i cherished so dearly, to me he was my everything.


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