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   Chapter 31 Anger

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5371

Updated: 2019-11-10 10:53

Natasha's p.o.v

I was waiting patiently for Lisa to come, i wanted to make things clear to her, she was not the one Noah loved, Noah loved me and only me alone, i knew i was being possessive but he really was mine.

"Calm down" Noah whispered lowly.

I sat on the chair next to him then smiled.

"Am i that obvious?" I asked loudly.

"Since morning" he answered.

"Sorry" i said lowly.

When we heard the door bell ring, i quickly stood up and opened the door, the door was pushed wide open by Jake who entered quickly with Lisa, i looked at them angrily.

"Why are you here Jake!?" I asked loudly.

He turned and looked at me while Lisa sat down on the couch.

"Nice condo by the way, it was pretty hard to find, thanks to Lisa she convinced rick to give her the address" he answered ignoring me.

Why would rick do that? I wondered.

"I'm so bored right now Jake, can't you do something that is fun, like beating up the mute Noah or raping the stubborn bitch?" Lisa said as i looked at her angrily.

Jake turned and leaned closer to her, i watched in shock as they kissed each other, he pulled back then pat her hair.

"I know how it turns you on when i injure someone for your sake" he whispered as i felt disgusted.

"Oh look Jake, our little wife is really in shock" Lisa said when she looked at me.

"She's too naive, last time i was trying so hard to get her in bed, she thought i was a good guy, how naive can one be? Natasha do you think one woman can ever satisfy me? No, i love fucking around for fun, when i approached you i had only one goal in mind, that was to t

James moved closer to Jake and felt his pulse.

"I knew it, you could have killed him you know" he said as some men walked in with a clinic bed, they lifted Jake up and put him on, then went out with him, i watched speechlessly.

"Don't worry Natasha, Jake is not dead, Noah called us in the morning to tell us about Lisa, what we didn't expect was to find Jake, we were expecting Lisa to be the one injured " James said as Lisa stood up.

"So you were pretending to care about were Noah was staying, when your intentions were just pure evil?" Rick asked while removing a file from his envelop, he handed it to Lisa and gave her a pen.

"Sign the paper's" Noah said angrily.

She slowly signed and gave the pen and paper to Noah, James grabbed her hand and went with her out side, Noah signed and gave rick, back the papers.

"Just because I'm your Attorney doesn't mean i should suffer for you" rick said as Noah laughed lowly.

"Well then excuse me, i have things to settle" he said with a smile then left, Noah got my hands and kissed them with a smile.

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