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   Chapter 29 Lisa

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5346

Updated: 2019-11-09 10:05

Noah's p.o.v

The past three weeks that went by were amazing, with James help, i was able to move my body, sadly i still couldn't talk much, i only walked for a few minutes in the house when Natasha was outside, i didn't want her to know that i was recovering very well, so in front of her i pretended to be the same as i was, watching her was very much calming, i loved how she was taking care of me day by day, i knew i was falling in love with her and i didn't mind at all, i was actually very happy.

"Noah what should i cook for you today? Do you want a simple supper or a heavy supper" she asked as she came out of the kitchen and stood in front of me.

"Simple?" She asked as i looked at her lips with a smile.

I made this a daily habit of mine, everyday i made her kiss me, it was fun and mostly tempting, every time we kissed i could tell that she was getting better and better.

"No kissing until you eat something" she said as i frowned sadly.

"Fine, just not a deep kiss" she said as she lowered herself towards me.

The door bell rang interrupting us, she stood upright and pushed my wheelchair in the living room, she looked at me with a smile then went and opened the door.

"Hi am Lisa, Noah's friend, can i come in?" A voice i knew all to well asked.

"Um..sure" Natasha answered.

I was about to stand up when Lisa walked in, i looked at her angrily, she really had guts, if she was here to threatened Natasha i was more than ready to get raid of her.

"Noah darling, it really has been long, when i heard from Jake that you were married and ended up being a mut

towards me and stood next to me then faced her.

"I love being mistreated by him Lisa, because i love him, i see past all his mistakes and coldness, unlike you i will never take my marriage as a play or for fun, i will stand by his side with or without money, so if you were trying to make me hate him it wont work, because i wont" she answered seriously as she linked her hand to mine.

I was beyond happy, not only did she confess her feelings out loud she was willing to stay with me as i was.

"We will see what happens when i take you to court" Lisa yelled then walked out angrily.

Natasha moved her hand from mine angrily and glared at me.

"Don't even think for a second that I'm not mad at you, the only reason i haven't walked out yet is because of your condition, but when you do get better i cant guarantee that i will continue to stay by your side" she said then turned and went to the bedroom.

I knew what i had to do if i wanted her to forgive me and stay with me.

I slowly stood up from my wheelchair and followed her in the bedroom.

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