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   Chapter 28 Bold move

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5245

Updated: 2019-11-09 09:44

Natasha's p.o.v

We reached the condo in the evening, rick and James were so kind to me, they bathed Noah and dressed him up, James went on to help him with the exercises while rick showed me the rooms that were in the condo, after an hour of cooking a meal for them they happily ate and left, promising us that they would visit us soon.

Noah was in the bedroom on his wheelchair staring at me, i somehow felt uncomfortable, he had that weird look on his face, it was neither bad nor good.

"Um is there anything you want? " i asked while clearing my throat.

He looked at the closed bathroom door then at me.

" want me to take you to the bathroom?" I asked as he frowned.

He looked at the bathroom door again.

" want me to take you there?" I asked again.

He lowly glared at me, i kept quiet for a second thinking hard about what

Had he meant to show me.

"Are you perhaps telling me to go and take a bath?" I asked.

He winked at me, i laughed lowly in shock.

"You bastard you can even wink?!" I asked loudly then covered my mouth quickly.

I lowered my eyes to the ground, i feared to meet his gaze, i didn't mean to disrespect him it just came out as a bad joke.

I slowly lifted my gaze and looked at him, he was smiling at me, i felt so relaxed that i smiled back happily.

"I will go and take a bath, after bathing i will put you in bed" i said.

I slowly went in the bathroom and took off my robe, i really had forgotten that i was putting it on, if it wasn't for Noah reminding me, i could have slept in it.

t here, its either i chose to completely ignored him or just kiss him like i wanted to, the feeling i felt was getting stronger, i put my hand on his neck then slowly kissed him, his lips felt soft and nice on mine, i pulled back and looked at him, he had a big smile on his face that turned into chuckling noises.

Was he laughing at me for kissing him? I felt my cheeks become red in embarrassment.

"Are you laughing at me?" I asked loudly when the chuckling sound increased.

"I can't believe you Noah, you wanted me to kiss you right? Then why are you laughing at me? For your own information you were my first kiss so you shouldn't actually laugh at me, you should be praising me for taking the bold move" i said.

He sighed lowly then smiled softly at me.

"Anyway its late, i have chores to attend to tomorrow, so goodnight" i said as i quickly kissed his cheeks and faced the other side.

'Ho Natasha, you have really outdone yourself this time' i told myself silently as i closed my eyes and waited for sleep to consume me.

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