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   Chapter 27 Taking you out of this place

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 4513

Updated: 2019-11-08 07:10

Natasha's p.o.v

I sobbed for what seemed like forever then calmed down, i lay on Noah's laps without moving an inch, i was so grateful to him for giving me the signs, i wasn't sure what was in the drawer i just choose to trust what he was trying to show me, when the land phone rang i slowly sat upright and stood up, i picked it up and sighed lowly.

"Hello Natasha, this is James, i was calling to check up on how Noah is doing" he said as i felt tears form in my eyes.

"His not safe in here, i was from being attacked by Jake, Jake has really lost his mind, he wanted to rape me in front of Noah, i fear he might hurt Noah" i said loudly.

"I'm coming there right now, lock the doors and wait for me" he said as the line got disconnected.

I dropped the phone and went to the wardrobe, i pulled out a bathing robe and wore it, i went back to Noah and sat on the bed next to his wheelchair, he was looking at me with anger.

"I'm not a slut you know, i hope you are not thinking that it was all my fault, i didn't seduce him at all" i said lowly.

His facial expression softened, he opened his mouth but failed to say anything.

"Its fine, its not like this is the first time i had gone through such a thing, the first time was when my father had passed away, step mother brought a young man in our house for fun, then she went in the

king at me sadly.

"His just tired" i answered.

"Good then" James said as he started the car and drove off.

"I'm going to lend you my condo, you can stay as much as you want there, rick and i will be checking up on you every time we get free, i will also be giving Noah some exercise and medicine that will help him recover in no time" James said as i smiled.

"Thank you" i answered.

"Wow, i so envy you right Noah, you ended up having a jewel, if it was that bitch, she could have stolen your credit cards and left you already, you know i speak from the heart" rick said loudly.

"Don't remind him of his past rick, you know how he had it tough" James answered.

I could see how tense Noah was, i slowly got his hand and linked it with mine, then smiled at him, despite all we had gone through i was willing to be his friend and see past all the misunderstanding and mistreatment.

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