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   Chapter 26 I will kill him when i get to move

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5722

Updated: 2019-11-08 06:46

Noah's p.o.v

I couldn't sleep the whole night because of fear, her cries and words were piercing my heart like a knife over and over again, i knew i had hurt her, i was the jerk, asshole, bastard that deserved to die, i really wanted to talk to her, to tell her how much i was regretting ever hurting her, she was a good person, i was so surprised when she striped off my clothes to help me bath, when she looked at my cock in a shy way i couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was, i tried not to show it at all.

I was so afraid of her request, she wanted a divorce from me when i didn't want that, yes at first i married her because of the guilt i felt but now i really wanted her to stay by my side, i wanted her, not as someone who wanted to redeem himself, but as her husband and man, i couldn't think of a way to communicate with her, the only thing i managed to move on my own were my fingers, mouth ( face ) and feet, the rest of my body was paralyzed.

Tasha woke up and sat upright with a yawn, i wanted to laugh at her but held back my laughter, her hair was a scruffy mess, she turned and faced me with a smile.

"Waking up to a handsome Noah is a dream come true, its rare for me to have such a beautiful mouth watering dream" she whispered while rubbing her sleepy eyes, i sighed lowly trying so hard not to laugh, she quickly widened her eyes then gasped.

"Oh shit its not a dream" she said lowly then quickly stood up and ran in the bathroom, i smiled knowing how embarrassed she was, she was really fun to watch, if i was able to move i would have followed her just to see her cute reaction, she came back with fixed hair and helped me sit upright then went and pushed the wheelchair

reast, tasha looked at me sadly.

"Noah close your eyes, don't watch please" she begged.

I looked at her with forming tears, why was she so kind to me? She was the one suffering but yet she still cared about me, i blinked twice and looked at the drawer that was near the wardrobe, i did that over and over hopping she would understand.

"Jake at least let me face you" she said as he laughed then turned her, she curved her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her then bite his ear hard, he screamed in pain while he pulled back.

She quickly stood up and ran to the drawer, i sighed in relief when she opened it and pulled out my short gun then pointed it at him.

Jake dropped his hand from his bleeding ear and lifted his hands up.

"Lets talk tasha, you can't shoot me" he said as she pulled the trigger and fired, the bullet pieced his shoulder, he screamed loudly in pain.

"Get the hell out of my house" she said loudly with trembling hands.

Jake quickly went out, she dropped the gun and locked the door, she slowly walked towards me and sat down next to me, she lay her head on my laps and sobbed lowly.

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