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   Chapter 24 The guilt

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 4267

Updated: 2019-11-07 14:03

Noah's p.o.v

I was sited on my wheelchair watching tasha who was sited on my bed crying, i was the cause of her tears and that really hurt me a lot, i had a secret that i had kept to myself for a very long time, the reason i bought Natasha was because of the guilt i felt, Natasha really had no idea, but she had a twin brother who grew up away from her, that twin brother was taken in by my father.

Then her father was working for my father as a driver, he was so unstable in his life, he complained to my father about his wife who had just given birth to twins and had no were to take them, he was thinking of sending both of them to an orphanage, my father being a kind hearted man he offered him a deal of adaption, Natasha's father agreed and gave my father his twin son as his, while he stayed with the other twin that was Natasha.

By then i was young too but i remember father bringing a child in our house, he gave him his love and shifted all his attention to him, i grew up feeling lonely and hating the adopted guy, but not matter how bad i mistreated him he always looked up to me as his elder brother, he was so kind and respectful towards me and my family, when i graduated from school i joined the army and convinced him to join too, then i had an evil min

end up hating me.

As days went on i found myself drawn to her, i increased my mistreatment towards her but it seemed she was used to such treatment, i later got a call that I was to go back to the army, i didn't want to, but work was work, the day of departure she held me closely in a hug, i wanted to tell her how i was sorry for mistreating her the past few days but my pride wouldn't let me, i left with a heavy heart, when i reached the army i found out that it was an emergency, we had to go for war, i took no time to prepared myself, we took off at noon, there in battle i was so distracted, all i could think of was Natasha that i didn't even see the explosion coming.

I ended up being badly injured and stuck in a wheelchair with no voice and full of regrets, i just wished i could have told her before everything bad had happened.

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