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   Chapter 18 Please!

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5063

Updated: 2019-11-04 08:44

Natasha's p.o.v

In all my years i have cried, i have cried because of sorrow and pain, but never of joy, i had always believed in the words my father had once told me.

'No matter how hard life is, there will always be an opening, always stay strong and positive'

Even when my mother passed away, i stood strong and moved on because i knew i still had father, though everything changed when father remarried, by then I was only 15 years old, my step mother was an angel to me but i usually felt that all she did was just an act, and she did prove me right, after some years father passed away, i was so heart broken and felt so alone, i had no one to talk to or comfort me, step mother slowly started showing her true colours, she starved me whenever she felt like, hit me when she was drunk, insulted me whenever she was in a grumpy mood and brought in different types of men in my late father's house.

She made sure i kept my mouth shut, i was so afraid of her and sadly i had no where to go, no family and no friend, i was all alone in this cold world, but even though i was like this i had never in my life expected this day would ever come.

I was standing next to my step mother in the streets in tears begging her.

"I don't want this please, i promise i will be good please" i cried sadly.

"Its too late, he already paid good money for you, since you are a virgin, you should be smiling in joy not all men would ever want a wasted piece of trash such as yourself" she spat.

"Please i don't

er for marriage" he said as i looked at him in fear and horror.

"Its just marriage, I'm doing it to get my family off my back, its not like i like you, they have been threatening me a lot, i don't want them to come here, i want them to keep on staying were they are and that's in a lame ass country" he said as he lifted his hand and touched my cheek, I tensed in fear.

"Don't worry, i wanted a virgin because to me it proves how much they value their body, but as for me, i will never ever lay a finger on a dirty thing like you, it takes a real lady to arouse me, not a kid like you, now, will you be a good girl and sit here quietly while i drive? Because i really don't want to hurt you" he said seriously as i swallowed hard.

"Good" he said with a grin as he came out of the car then closed the door.

My body was trembling in fear, not only was i sold to a scary man, i was to be bound to him for a lifetime, i sobbed quietly while asking my heart what did i do to deserve such a cursed life.

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