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   Chapter 16 Epilogue

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3306

Updated: 2019-11-02 11:16

Neifar's p.o.v

Two weeks later

"Why isn't she waking up, its now two weeks" I  yelled at the physician angrily while he examined Lorin who was still laying unconscious.

"Brother please calm down" hythan said loudly.

I looked at him then sighed lowly.

"Hythan you shouldn't be moving up and down in your condition, you are still injured remember" i said as he smiled.

"I'm okay brother it's just that I'm sad, i still can't believe you took down a group of warriors just you and Gabriel, i wish i too was there" he said lowly as i smiled.

"Focus on getting better, those bandages don't look good on you" i said as hythan touched his bandages then nodded.

"The herbalist was your student right? Are you a student too? I'm talking to you old man!" I yelled at the physician angrily while he felt Lorins pulse.

"Brother, his the best physician in our land, he always succeeds in everything he does" hythan answered as the physician gasped loudly, we quickly looked at h

i forced you to hurt yourself, because of me you could have ended end hurting our unborn baby, I'm really sorry" i. said honestly.

"I'm pregnant?" She asked lowly in shock.

"Yes" i answered.

She smiled then put her hand on mine.

"Its fine Neifar, I too I'm sorry for not telling you the truth" she whispered as i touched her cheek then kissed her slowly.

I had so much to tell her, about how i slaughtered her people and how much i loved her, i just had to wait patiently for her recovery.

End of story one.

Note : this novel, is a novel that will have many stories in one, this is the end of story one, embrace yourself for story two.

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