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   Chapter 14 You have no right to hurt me brother

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3909

Updated: 2019-11-02 10:59

Lorins p.o.v

I woke up slowly and yawned while smiling and feeling at peace with myself, i turned and found Neifar laying next to me with his back towards me, my smile faded when i saw my nail scratches on his back, i quickly sat upright and touched the scratches, he shifted a bit then turned and faced me.

"Whats wrong?" He asked lowly.

"I'm sorry, i scratched your back badly" i answered.

"Well that's a very small price i had to pay for holding you the whole night" he said as i shyly looked away.

"Lorin" he called softly, i turned and faced him.

"As of today, i am yours and you are mine, lets never keep secrets between us, if you are sad and unhappy about anything you can tell me about it okay? This is my first time to ever fall in love and care about a woman" he said seriously as my heart beat wildly.

"Did you just confess that you are in love with me?" I asked.

He sat upright and laughed softly.

"Yes i just confessed to you" he answered.

I could feel happiness fill my heart.

"What about Sheila?" I asked seriously.

"Sheila? Sheila is like a sister to me, there is nothing between us, now that you are finally mine there

t was made out of beautiful colorful clothes.

"Lorin, is there something you are not telling me?" He asked lowly.

"I was sent by my people to kill you, they made me come back here, they want to take over your land" i answered lowly as he laughed.

"I knew, but i had no idea you made the whole plan, you even went as far as to sleep with me and injure my brother, are you now satisfied?" He asked sadly.

"Neifar i didn't agree with their decision, i was nearly raped because i was against them, and don't ever think that i gave myself to you out of pity or a plan, i gave myself to you because i love you, i had never planed to hurt you, i swear please believe me" i pleaded.

He picked up a dagger from the small table that was next to him and threw it at my feet.

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