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   Chapter 12 It seems painful (+18)

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3619

Updated: 2019-11-02 10:49

Lorins p.o.v

As much as i feared him i somehow felt secure around him, i feared my own people more, i slowly lifted my hand and took off the dress then lay down facing up, he looked at me with a shocked expression.

"Good girl" he whispered with a smile as he began to take off his clothes.

One thing that i got to understand was that Neifar was real, he had never pretended with me, he was always true to himself unlike brian who was like a monster in hiding, i wanted my first time to be with Neifar not Brian.

He got on top of me when his warm skin brushed mine, i closed my eyes in fear.

"You want me more than you fear me, that's very interesting" he whispered lowly as he kissed my cheeks, tears rolled from my eyes.

I didn't want him dead, he was somehow kind, i felt cold hands wipe off my tears and soft lips on my forehead, when his lips descended on mine, i opened my mouth granting him entrance as i kissed him back, his hand gently moved from my shoulder to my waist, he pulled back and lowered himself then kissed me between my breast, my heart was beatin

out feeling slight pain as he completely filled me.

"I won't move" he said as he kissed my lips gently while i kissed him back.

He pulled back and kissed my cheek.

"Are you okay" he asked with concern.

I kept quiet for a moment then nodded.

"Good" he answered then pulled out and lay next to me, i looked at him confused.

"It seems painful for you, i can't continue, how about you go and take a bath then rest" he said as i sat upright.

I wanted to beg him to continue but i still had my pride, he handed me a robe that was close to him, i took it then wore it, i slowly got up ignoring the red stain that was on the skin covers.

"And do call sheila for me" he said as i nodded then went outside.

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