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   Chapter 11 Little self control

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2821

Updated: 2019-11-02 10:45

Neifar's p.o.v

I woke up feeling low spirited, i took a bath in the stream thinking it would make me feel better but it did nothing, i ordered hythan to tell everyone not to disturb me today, i sat in my tent when Gabriel quickly walked in without a word.

"Why are you here? Didn't hythan tell you to send someone to follow the princess?" I asked.

"Yes my lord, one of the guard did and he came back with a report, he said the princess is on her way here, she is sent by her people to kill you" he said as i chuckled lowly.

" leave me" i said as he bowed then walked out.

I lay down sadly, somehow i knew she would come back for revenge, she really did hate me, i stayed quietly in my tent for hours when i heard panting outside my tent.

"My lord" sheila called.

"I told hythan to tell everyone not to disturb me" i said loud

ve" i said.

"I'm sorry but i cant obey that" she answered with frowned eye brows.

"Then you wont mind this" i said as i pulled her to me and crushed my lips on hers, she stood still and frozen, i pulled back sadly and touched her cheek gently.

" lorin, i really don't want to hurt you, ever since i lay my eyes on you i couldn't stop thinking about you, i really want to lay you down and make love to you but i also don't want to force you, i really have little self control" i whispered as i closed my eyes and took in a deep breath then released it.

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