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   Chapter 10 Kill the leader

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2979

Updated: 2019-11-02 10:38

Lorins p.o.v

The sun was setting and we didn't walk far, we were still in the Savage's land, Brian found a nice place for all of us to rest, i sat on the ground feeling happy but some how surprised, i couldn't believe that Neifar had really let me go, he was really a man of his words, after hurting me he apologized and i somehow felt better, right now he was all i could think of.

Brian stood up and cleared his throat.

"My people, when I was captured in the land of the savages i noticed something there, unlike our land the land was very fertile, they had a lot of food, jewelry and weapons, also the woman there, were so beautiful, instead of going back to our boring land, what do you say we take over the savages land!" He screamed as the man stood up with cheers.

I looked at Brian in shock.

"All we have to do is kill the leader then it will be easy to kill the rest" he

an stop them, i promise i will kill him" i cried.

"Good, men step away" he ordered as the men stepped away from me.

Brian moved closer and helped me sit upright.

"After killing that bastard, i will rule the land of the savages as their leader and you my naive Lorin, you will stay by my side as my wife and bear me lots of children are we clear?" He asked as i nodded.

"John" he called as the huge man who was from attacking me stepped in front.

"Go with her, make sure she completes the task, if she fails all the woman and kids here dies" he said as i swallowed hard in fear.

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