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   Chapter 9 Sheila forgive me

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3300

Updated: 2019-11-02 10:34

Neifar's p.o.v

Hythan was standing in my tent looking at me in shock.

"You did what?!" He asked loudly for the fourth time.

"I let the princess go" i answered lowly.

"Brother letting go of her people is okay, but why would you let her go?" He asked.

I sighed lowly knowing very well why i had done that.

"Its because i like her, when i hurt her physically and she cried out, i felt horrible, i then realized she was the first woman i never want to see her suffer, her cry made my heart ache, i can never force her to accept me, i could see the fear in her eyes, forcing her would have made things worse" i answered seriously.

"Brother aren't you the one who taught me to hit woman and use threats to have them stay loyal to me forever?" He asked as i moved my hand and brushed my hair slowly.

"I did, and now i realise i was so wrong" i answered lowly.

"Letting her go won't change anything Neifar, she will still hate you, better still she will forget you, you w

ry nice and kind but my heart doesn't belong to you" i said honestly.

"Then who does it belong to? Does it belong to her?" She asked lowly.

"Yes" i answered.

"But my lord, she will never come back, she hates you" she said as i smiled.

"I know, i don't want her to love me back, I'm actually grateful to her, for the first time in my life I'm feeling different emotions, sheila forgive me but i really can't be with you no matter how much i think of you" i said honestly.

She slowly stood up and smiled.

"I understand, thank you for taking your time in telling me this, i will finally give up on you" she answered then went out of my tent.

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