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   Chapter 5 Back home

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 6330

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Neifar's p.o.v

It took us three horrible days to reach my land, we rarely slept or rested and that got me so exhausted, i avoided my brother and the princess girl for some reason, i knew my brother had questions to ask me, like why the hell did i spare the princess's men? our rule was to always keep the women and slaughter all the men, i too was confused by what i had done.

I spared the little girls people because for the first time in forever her plead and cries to spare her people got to my heart, every time i looked at her i couldn't help but feel the pull towards her, there was something about her that i couldn't seem to hate or resist.

I looked at her while i was walking with my men, she was tied on her wrist with ropes and blind folded the whole way, she refused to eat or drink water for two days straight i had to violently force water in her mouth, she looked pale, weak and dirty but still beautiful.

She stood tall with pride but deep down i knew she was breaking, as we approached our land we saw kids playing happily, the women quickly began to call the others when they saw us.

This was really what i called home, i and my men built a huge palace and made it my home but i hated it, the palace was surrounded by tents and house's to keep my people safe and protected, i too had a tent i usually lay in, i felt comfortable in there, it made me feel like i was somehow a part of my people as a family.

When the men who were left behind saw us they quickly played the drums to welcome us, I smiled happily when the married woman ran to their husbands in tears and joy over their safe return, my little brother got off the horse like the rest of our men and smiled looking at the door as if counting the seconds to meet his lover.

Sheila came running from the door way and stood in front of me with forming tears in her eyes, i quickly got off as she bowed lowly, as much as i hated to do this, i really had to, i walked past her without a word and marched to my room which was upstairs, it was the last room that was a bit far from all the other rooms.

Sheila was a girl my father abducted when i was 10, i paid no attention to her then, i thought of her as a sick little weak girl, little did i know then that my father and his men treated her as a whore, she was raped, abused and mistreated, one day i found her bleeding to her death, as much as i wanted to turn a blind eye to her i couldn't, i got her a tent and paid for a doctor to treat her wounds with the gold coins i stole from my father.

With time news reached my father of what i had done, he was furious and stabbed me with a knife in anger, i was unconscious for a week and in pain.

When i woke up i found out that my father had ordered the servants to pack my things and sent me away with a few of His trusted warriors, claiming i was too soft and weak to rule as a leader of our land, i left without standing my ground or pleading with him, as years went by i trained with the warriors day by day until I turned 15 years, in our land a man was considered a man upon reaching the age of 15.

One day news came of my parents being murdered, by the

n i felt like I wasn't ready to rule but i went back to my people for they needed a leader, i transformed my being into one of an emotionless leader, i didn't want to be soft and prove that my late fathers words were right, i pretended to not feel any emotion and in time i got used to it just like my father was, i wanted to protect my little brother and people so i become stronger than i ever was.

Sheila by then became used being everyone's whore, she made a living out of it, she grew in a fine lady, tall 6'0, slender, big brown eyes and beautiful brown hair.

Despite me being cold to her she became more like a sister to me, although

I too used her service when i was at my last stroll of control or bent down, i didn't take her seriously even though i knew she was in love with me, she once confessed to me when i was in my teens but i being the way i am, i never cared about her feelings, she was a good lady but i didn't want to have two weaknesses, as it was hythan was already my only weakness.


Sheila called outside my door.

I sat down on my bed and sighed lowly, i was expecting her visit as usual.

"Enter" i answered seriously.

She slowly opened the door and entered with a wet clothe in her hands, she tugged her long brown hair behind her ear an act she usually did when she was shy, her gaze was fixed on the ground.

"Sheila, get it over with" i said loudly.

She quickly moved closer and started whipping off the dirt from my face with a wet clothe, sheila was so kind to me but no matter what i wasn't in love with her.

"Did my brother sent you to do this?" I asked lowly as i faced her.

"No, i just wanted to do this for you" she answered in a whisper.

I closed my eyes slowly and relaxed, it was of no use to be cold towards her.


I opened my eyes as the door opened, hythan and Tanya walked in hand in hand, i angrily stood up as Tanya smiled while fixing her dress that was exposing her breast and thighs.

"Have respect Tanya this is our masters chamber" Sheila said angrily.

"Master welcome back" Tanya said while ignoring Sheila.

I stood up and moved closer to Tanya and hythan, i stood in front of them then lifted my hand and hit her face, she gasps in pain as she fell down, hythan quickly knelt besides her.

"Brother!" hythan called angrily.

"You are alive because you are hythans toy, any step closer to me you lose your head" i warned lowly.

"Sheila" i called.

"Yes my lord" she answered with a bow.

"I have brought a girl with me, she's my slave but quite stubborn, attend to her and train her on how to please me in bed, i want her by tomorrow are we clear?" I asked as i looked at her.

"Master please give me a week to train her" she answered lowly.

"Sheila know your place", hythan yelled.

"Granted, now leave and ask Gabriel to show you the girl" i said.

She bowed then walked out.

"Hythan take this trash out with you before i lose it " i said angrily.

He slightly Bowed and stood up with her then left, i got on my bed and lay down, i tried to relax but i couldn't, my mind was filled with her, the little princess.

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