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   Chapter 4 Swallow my pride

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 4730

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Lorin's p.o.v

When the drums of war played, I knew we were ambushed.

I got my two swords that mother had given me before her death, each time i held the swords i couldn't help but remember that i was really lonely, mother died while giving birth to me, Maria the head maid that had raised me told me how mother knew I had a fighting spirit immediately i was born, she always told me how mother loved me dearly before i was even born, every time i looked at her beautiful portrait, I whished i was dead instead of her.

Father blamed me for her death ever since i was young, he hated mostly the sight of me because i looked a lot like mother, he decided to later put on a stupid rule, I was to be in a veil until a man who was worthy of my hand could manage to remove it, and so i tried to please my father by complying to his rule, but that bastard still despised me no matter what good i did.

For the past 20 years I was treated like a servant not as a princess in my kingdom, I slept in the servants wing and trained with the men.

At first the men were threatening me and tried to remove my veil by force, Brian one of our strong warrior stood up for me and protected me like his own little sister, the men started fearing to bully me because of him, every time they looked at me they thought I was too weak to learn how to fight, so they let me join them in training, With time I got better and became the best female fighter there ever was, many people and men began to fear me, some respected me and Brian was so proud of me, but father was still unhappy with me, every time he saw me he would curse at me or ignore me.

At first I was happy that we were ambushed and at war, but i watched how those savage men slaughtered women and men without hesitation leaving the kids in fear, I couldn't sit back  anymore, i had to do something for the people, I got my two swords and rushed at the front gate charging at the savages angrily.

I fought for hours and i managed to injure a lot and kill some of the savages, it was going well until this tall handsome, huge good looking man stepped in to fight me, his blue eyes held no fear or emotions, his dark pinkish lips twitched in anger, his medium blond hair fell roughly on his forehead showing he was in a serious need for a fight.

He looked furiously at me for injuring his men, he talked t

o one of his man angrily as I felt pulled to his strong husky voice, i looked at him in "awww"

I had seen men who were handsome and attractive, even Brian was so handsome, but him, the man in front of me was a good looking man, very handsome and attractive, but he had a cold expression and was threatening, I was brought back to reality when he yelled

"I will remove the veil for all of you to see"

How dare he? Remove my veil for all the men! I was beyond pissed, i ignored his words and charged at him.

"I will kill you" i screamed out.

He was fast, in a minute I lost my swords, i was struggling for my life when i lost the other one, he put his sword at my throat as i froze.

"just kill me" i whispered.

He said something to his men which i didn't pay attention to hear, then he talked to some guy who came out of the palace with blood in his hands, i was sure my father was slaughtered by the man that came from the palace, knowing my foolish father he must have said something stupid to anger the man, the man that had his sword at my throat threw it to the man that came out of the palace in a second he wanted to remove my veil.

"I will never surrender to the likes of you" I exclaimed as I got my dagger the one I hid under my boots and stabbed his shoulder hard.

The man flinched then slapped me hard, I felt dizzy as I touched my cheek, a sharp sound was coming from my ear drum, i felt warm liquid drip from my nose, I slowly touched my nose powerlessly as he  ripped my veil off and pulled my hair roughly forcing me to look at him, I wanted to scream out, before i could I bit my lower lip to swallow the scream.

For a second I was in shock then anger filled me once more, i wasn't backing out easily.

"I would rather die than be with you"I yelled then spat on his face, I felt my body give up slowly as my hearing dimmed, i wanted to die, that's why I didn't put on much of a fight.

Then i heard the words that scared the living hell out of me.

"get all that we came for and slaughter all the men" he yelled.

My tears rolled and turned into sobs, all the men that included Brian and many innocent souls, maybe even the little boys as he walked away and got on his horse i swallowed my pride for once in life.

"please have mercy, don't kill them"I pleaded as he turned and looked at me then rode away.

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