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   Chapter 3 She's mine

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5757

Updated: 2019-10-28 13:24

Neifar's P.o.v

I felt happy knowing victory was on my side, I looked at the foolish king who knelt in fear before me as i sat on his throne with my knife on his throat.

"Please spare me, you can kill all the people and have whatever you want and desire" he whispered while trembling.

The land was filled with cries and the scent of blood, i smiled at the foolish king, a leader was suppose to die for his people, not sacrifice them, this idiot was really not fit to even walk the face of the earth.

Hythan walked in while breathing heavily, I stood up lazily and faced him.

"hythan get all the young woman, rear stones and weapons we are leaving.. Oh and kill this bastard, the sight of him angers me"I ordered as hythan hesitated.

My fool of a brother has never gone against me nor hesitate to carry out my orders.

"Spit it out already "I yelled angrily.

He tensed a bit as I moved towards him annoyed.

"did we lose a warrior"I asked as he cleared his throat.

"Its the princess" he answered while looking down.

"You can have her, I know how you can't keep your hands off of a beautiful women" i said calmly.

He looked at me with fear and shame, I knew there and then that it wasn't that he wanted her, it was because she was doing something that would anger me.

"Speak now" I yelled angrily.

"She's injured most of our men"he said lowly as I laughed in disbelief.

"Are you telling me you are afraid of a woman? And how can one little girl take down most of my men" I yelled as I pushed him out of my way, he fell down with a loud thud.

I clenched my hands in a fist as I felt anger boil in me.

"Brother, i'm sorry" hythan whispered.

I matched outside the palace in rage, I couldn't believe my eyes when i reached the front gate, most of my men were down and wounded, only a few stood their ground fighting her, I angrily whistled.

My men turned and looked at me as I lifted my hand, they slowly stepped away from her giving me a good view of her, they knew how pissed i was.

She wasn't that tall for a fighter, she was at least 5'9, her slim figure was clothed in a long black dress which had slits that exposed her thighs slightly on each of her sides, her hair and mouth were covered in a veil, her grey eyes held anger in them and a thirst for revenge, she was tired judging from her stance and how she held her two silver swords in each hand, the silver swords got my attention, they were blended with gold and a bit of diamonds at the end.

"How sure are you she's the princess" I asked as one of my men moved closer.

"She's the only one whose fully covered"he whispered as I turned and faced at him.

"You fool anyone can be completely covered" I angrily said as he took a step backwards in fear.

"It's their culture and belief that the princess should be well trained with swords and never show her f

ace to any man, the man that would take her veil off would be worthy of her hand in marriage, once her veil is off she will submit and pledge her loyalty to the man that took it off" he whispered.

I looked at the princess with interest then smirked.

"I will remove her veil for all of you to see, then later you can play with her as you please, and let this be the last and first time a woman raises her sword on you imbeciles" i said loudly.

I heard a scream come from her as she charged at me angrily with her swords.

"I will kill you" she screamed as she swung her sword at me which I easily dogged and kicked it away.

It fell down as she charged again this time I moved faster, dogged her sword, removed mine and placed it on her throat, she froze as I smiled, I took her other sword from her hand and threw it a bit further away from us.

"Just kill me" she whispered as I smiled, her voice was low with a hint of disgust and anger.

"So you can talk" I asked seriously as I threw my sword to hythan who came out of the palace with blood on his hands, he simply caught it and smiled.

"Is the old bastard dead" I asked.

He looked at the princess curiously then nodded.

"Good" I whispered then lifted my hand to removed her veil.

"I will never surrender to the likes of you" she yelled as she removed a dagger that was tucked in her boot and stabbed my shoulder deeply.

I felt the intense pain generate from my shoulder to all of my body, i took in a deep breath then angrily slapped her hard, she held her red cheek then touched her nose that was bleeding as i breathed out lowly to calm myself.

I pulled her veil off of her face and grabbed her soft, long, brown curly hair tightly as she bite her lower lip to keep her scream in, my men cheered pleased and happy with how i was handling her, she was beautiful, very beautiful, i couldn't help but feel drawn to her for a minute.

"I would rather die than be with you" she exclaimed as she spat on my face.

I slowly took in a deep breath that seemed to have escaped my lungs in range for a minute when she spat on me, she really had a death wish.

I looked at my bleeding wound and the dagger that was stuck in my shoulder slowly then at her.

"my plan was to give you to my men because of how you had injured them, but since you are the first girl to wound me ever, you have got my full attention, hythan! tie her up, she's not to be touched, she's mine" i said loudly making sure all who were close by could hear my voice.

I pushed her away as she fell down on the ground with a low moan.

"Get all that we came for and slaughter all the men" I yelled as I went to my horse and got on.

"please have mercy don't kill them" i heard a soft voice plead.

I turned and looked at her then at hythan, I ignored her cry and rode ahead of the city not waiting for my men.

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