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   Chapter 2 War day

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3691

Updated: 2019-10-27 14:55

Neifar's p.o.v

I woke up early and took a quick swim in a near by stream, when i returned, i found all my men ready and prepared for battle, they were all armed and sat on their horses patiently, my horse was held down by hythan who stood in front of the men, i had no time in putting on an armor, what i wanted was to get this battle over with.

I got on my horse and took the lead guiding the way as my men followed behind, hythan rode by my side quietly, he looked at me then sighed for the fourth time lowly.

"Speak" i ordered.

I was really getting annoyed with his sighs.

"Neifar, you know that our women had once belonged to another clan or kingdom? When we took them with us, they hated us and some tried to kill themselves, with time they began to warm up to us and saw that we were less of the savages that people portrayed us to be" hythan said lowly.

He usually did this, when he wanted to say something that he knew was going to offend me, he started beating around the bush before getting to the point, sometimes he took forever just to tell me something that was so stupid and unimportant.

"Get to the point" i said seriously.

"Neifar, don't you think it's time for you to get a beautiful bride? You need one for yourself? In our land, no woman has ever caught your attention, not even the lands we conquered, perhaps in montev kingdom someone might catch your eye" he said as i glared at him.

"Brother a leader needs an heir, you can't have one if you don't have a woman, at least think about it" he said loudly.

"Brother, my throne will be handed over to you, and so you know, there is no woman who can manage to satisfy me fully" i answered simply.

I have had women of different race and structures, but as soon as we were to begin to please each other, i completely lost interest in them, on rare

occasions i went all the way, sadly i ended up pleasing her while i felt nothing.

"What of Sheila? She's been so close to you for a very long time, many can tell how she admires you, even though she is a hoe, she's the best hoe there is" he said as i focused on the road.

I knew hythan wanted the best for me, but why would he suggest for me to take a hoe for a bride, was it really him being concerned or were the people pressuring him so that he could talk me into getting a wife.

"Brother she can take good care of you through the nights" he said lowly.

"Hythan, you can do as you please to sheila, you can even hand her over to the men, but as for me little brother, i have no interest in hoes, i hate women who do things to impress me, a woman should be strong, she should not live only to open her legs to a man, a woman should be the strength of her household and pillar of the family, a prostitute can never be much" i answered honestly as hythan smiled.

"It seems i can never win against you, well brother, i hope and pray that one day you will find a woman who will make you desire her and help you change the way you see things" he said as i laughed.

"That will never happen brother" i answered with a smirk.

I have seen woman who were so beautiful and they wanted to sleep with me, i turned them down because i felt nothing, why would hythan think there could ever be a woman who could make me desire her, that was impossible.

I looked at the kingdom that was meters away from us then smiled.

"Men we are close by, this is it, don't forget what we are here for, stay safe and protect each other, hythan i will take the castle while you and the men will search for the weapons and precious stone, men! May victory be on our side today" i said loudly as i rode ahead knowing my men were right behind me.

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