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   Chapter 1 Training

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3823

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Third persons p.o.v

Neifar watched his warriors who had been training none stop for what seemed like forever when it was only a month, their feet made the dust rise and sound like an earth quake, as they fought their muscles flexed with each blow and strike they gave, their sweat mixed with the dust a sight he enjoyed to see mostly in the evening before he retired to his tent.

His men had families and wives left behind, but they all knew too well that they were doing all this for them, so they trained hard the whole month without much sleep or rest, the thoughts of their wives and families kept them stronger than they had ever been.

Tomorrow was the day they had planned to go and conquer the land of montev, the land of montev was a small and weak kingdom compared to the lands Neifar's clan and people had conquered.

Neifar was so confident in winning that he only got a few of his men because he knew it would be simple taking down a kingdom that had a lazy king, no advisors or general and was filled with hatred, although he was determined to conquer the land, he didn't want anything to do with its people, he only wanted the weapons the kingdom possessed and the rear stones they had.

"Neifar" hythan called as he approached him happily and stood next to him

"What is it brother?" Neifar asked calmly.

"Our men need to eat and rest to prepare for tomorrow's ambush so do you, they have been training since morning don't you think they too are tired?" He asked.

Hythan quickly lowered his eyes when he noticed Neifar's angry gaze on him.

"Fine! but if they dare relax and drink even one sip of alcohol I'll rip off their heads and make sure they will never ever see their wives or family again" Neifar answered seriously.

Neifar turned and went in his tent as hythan slowly followed behind him and entered the tent, Neifar sat down on his mat and relaxed while lookin

g at his brother.

"Should I call Doris to attend to you for the night?" hythan asked lowly.

"No, I have no interest in women who easily fall at my feet and worship me" Neifar spat with disgust.

"But Doris is the best there is brother and all the men agree with me" hythan said loudly.

Neifar stood and looked at his little brother in the eye.

"I'm not all men, i am different and if you are praising her that much then Let her attend to you" he answered as hythan sighed lowly feeling defeated.

Although this was not what hythan wanted to think about he couldn't help but remember their late parents.

"I Wish mother and father could see the lands that we have conquered " he whispered lowly as Neifar put his hand on his little brothers shoulder.

"They are happy for us in hell, little brother its good to show your weak side to me, but remember To never show it to any man or you would be considered as weak and unfit to rule, keep this massage at heart and never hesitate to kill or claim what you want, but mostly never forget were you come from" Neifar said seriously as hythan nodded.

"I won't let you down Neifar" hythan whispered.

"Good now go and get some rest"he said as hythan smiled then walked out.

Niefar striped off all his clothes and lay down to rest on his blankets which were made from animal skin.

Since their parents got killed when he was 12, he never truly understood emotions such as love, jealousy and hurt, all he did was train, kill and conquer, nothing stood in his way, his only soft spot was his little brother hythan, he took on his fathers role as leader to protect his little brother from anything threatening and dangerous, at his age he had more land and riches that any man could ever want but sadly he couldn't stop his thirst for bloodshed.

He slowly closed his eyes knowing tomorrow was yet another victory for him and his people.

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