Chapter 7 Protect

IS THIS MY FATE MOON GODDESS? By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3933

Updated: 2020-01-11 01:59

Peter's p.o.v

I knew Derrick desperately wanted his mate, i too honestly wanted her, but thinking about our past and how she was mistreating us i just couldn't act as though i was okay.

I ran for hours trying to get raid of the anger i felt until it was night fall, i shifted back to my human form and sat down near a lake, then it hit me, the fear of losing my mate.

In the past i lost it all, if i was to lose her now i couldn't survive and that made me break down and cry as Derrick howled in pain, i cried for what felt like forever then stood up fearing i could attract unwanted rouges, i shifted back into my wolf and ran back.

After an hour of running i picked up a sweet scent ahead which i knew was my mates.

"Why was she in the Forrest at night? The woods were not safe" i thought as derrick whimpered lowly.

"Derrick whats wrong?" I asked, then i heard it, my mates cry.

I quickly ran to her in fear that she might be in danger, when i reached were she was i found her laying on the ground crying out in pain, Derrick whimpered seeing our mate was in pain.

She was screaming harder and sobbing, i quickly transformed into my human form and moved

ame from the trees and approached us, derrick was more than ready to take over and fight, he had anger he needed to release but before i could let him take over, Mara stepped in front of me in a protective stance.

"Peter you are an omega, let me protect you" she said then shifted into her wolf before I could stop her.

She jumped in front of the Rouge's and they attacked quickly pinning her down as one of them bite her shoulder, she whimpered in pain causing Derrick to snap out of control.

"Mara!" I screamed as derrick took over shifting in our wolf form, he went into alpha mode and tore the rouges into pieces, after making sure they was no longer any threat left he let me take back control, i moved closer to Mara who was in pain and licked her face to comfort her.

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