Chapter 6 Finally

IS THIS MY FATE MOON GODDESS? By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3126

Updated: 2019-11-07 13:21

Peter's p.o.v

I know very well that my father regrets his past actions and for rejecting us, but he made a choice, for that i hated him until now, i blame him mostly for my mother's death.

Father usually begs me to come back and take my rightful place as alpha, i always turn him down and ignore him, were i was abroad i trained very hard to be strong, while i was training i kept three things in mind.

1. Always be strong, and never show weakness.

2. Mate's were a shire waste of time and life

3. Shifting without a mate was as painful as i knife piecing the body.

Every day i watched Mara from afar even though she

Usually hurt me, my wolf needed her, he needed his mates closure, i later found out that she was only 16 years old, that explained why she couldn't feel the mate pull, i decided to wait for her while i hoped in my heart she could one day accept me.

After two years of waiting patiently for her whi

he did he could rip them up all into pieces, the men left me with laughter as i stood up with bruises and an injured hand.

I walked towards the woods that were near the school then picked up my mates scent, i turned and found her behind me, i quickly picked up my pace and got into the woods and shifted into my wolf.

'Mate, mate' Derrick wined lowly.

'No derrick, she's one of the people who had badly hurt us' i said as i moved further into the woods.

'She didn't know that we were her mate then, but now she does, she will love and accept us, i know' he said as i started running ignoring his angry growls.

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