Chapter 5 How could she not feel the pull

IS THIS MY FATE MOON GODDESS? By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3226

Updated: 2019-11-07 13:12

Peter's p.o.v

Its funny how today my wolf was so restless, when i was about to walk into the school corridor i picked up a beautiful rose and strawberry scent, i knew that she was near me, i found out two years ago that Mara Williams was my mate, then, i was very happy and so excited, i thanked the moon goddess for giving me such a mate, Mara was the most beautiful lady i had ever set my eyes on, the day i first met her was the day i had enrolled in school, and as if luck was on my side the same day was my birthday.

When i approached her, she looked at me with a smile so brightly, she called her friends to come over, when they did i stood in shock with the next words that came out of her mouth.

"Faggot gay guy"

She went on to insult me loudly for everyone to hear, i couldn't believe why my own mate would not feel the pull, how could she hurt me like this, i was so angry that i turned and walked away in sadness and tears, i didn't want to cry but it hurt like a bitch seeing your one true destined mate treating you like trash in front of people, my wolf was hurt too and was quiet for a while.

When knocking off i was feeling exhausted and angry with everyone, as i walked outside i paid no attention to my surrounding, i ended up bumping into ken and his friends, the so called bullies of our school, i tried to apologize when a punch landed on my face, i fell weakly on the ground, i had no will to fight them and my wolf was silent on me, i was hit by ken and his group badly, after they were satisfied with my bruises, they left me laying down on the ground.

I knew very well w

hy they hit me, many werewolf schools were like this, if you were a new student you were suppose to have a good background and statues to join the rich kids, but i made sure my background and status was kept hidden, from the way i dressed up and isolated my self many thought of me as an omega when i was actually an Alpha, my father is the alpha of the pack also known as the grumpy alpha, years back he told everyone that he had a son who had died just because he never liked me and my mother, he hated that i was a weak child and very fragile, he blamed mother because she too was a weak omega wolf, instead of loving us he rejected us, later mother died with a heartbreak leaving me behind, by then i was only ten years old.

After my mother's funeral which was a secret funeral, i wanted to run away, but father couldn't let me, being that i was his one and only son, i was the alpha that was suppose to take over after him, he sent me abroad to stay there and study, he told me i was only allowed to return a week before my 18 birthday.

I went and stayed abroad, there i isolated myself from everyone, i was labelled as a bully because i beat up the bullies that bullied me, many ignored me as time went on, i had no friend's at all until i returned back.

After returning i refused to see my father or step foot in the pack house, at first father understood then later he went crazy on pursuing me to return to the pack, i later found out that every once a year there was a witch that came to cast a spell on  him so he could become sane, his wolf was losing it without having a mate besides it.

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