Chapter 4 Alpha

IS THIS MY FATE MOON GODDESS? By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2742

Updated: 2019-10-30 12:29

Mara's p.o.v

'Abi is he rejecting us?' I asked.

Abi was sadly whimpering lowly, i too felt very scared i couldn't stop the whimper that came from my heart, he really was rejecting us.

"I'm not rejecting you, Mara i have always known that you were my mate, i felt the pull since two years ago, i waited for you to turn 18 and feel it too, I'm glad that you can feel it but i don't want you with me" he said as i felt a sharp pain Peirce my heart.

I thought of myself as human as i shifted back back to my human form, tears were forming in my eyes.

"Peter I'm sorry, i was a jerk to you, i bullied you, insulted you and made you a laughing stock, i know i don't deserve your forgiveness but please don't reject us, we will die without you, i don't care if you are an omega, i want you with me as my mate" i cried as he sighed lowly.

"Mara" he called as i looked at him.

He turned when he heard some twig and dry leaves snap.

"Mara get behind me" he said lowly while looking ahead.

"Peter I'm sorry" i pleaded.

"Mara, get behind me" he commanded.

I was shocked at how much power his voice held, Abi whimpered lowly making me bear my neck to him to show him how much respect we had for him, i found myself complying to his command, i stood behind him with a thousands questions going through my mind.

The only one who could make me submit

so easily was my alpha, with the beta blood in me peter was in no position to command me, why did his command make me submit? Was it because he was my mate?

Two rouges appeared from the trees with low growls.

"Peter you are an omega, run, i will cover for you" i said as i shifted into my wolf.

They charged at us as i jumped in front of peter to protect him even though i lacked in training, one rouge jumped on me and pined me down as i struggled to get up, i felt sharp teeth sink in my shoulder, i whimpered loudly in pain.

"Mara" peter screamed as he transformed into a big brown wolf, the rouge quickly removed his teeth in my shoulders and slowly took steps backwards, as peters wolf moved forward i could feel the strong alpha aura being emitted from him, i lay my head down bearing my neck to him in submission, his wolf angrily charged at the rouges tearing them into pieces, making sure that all the rouges were dead his wolf turned and moved closer to me, Abi and i knew to well to not anger our alpha mate so we kept bearing our neck to him, he pushed my head slightly with his nose then licked my coat slowly, i lifted my head from the ground and looked at my mate in admiration, my mates wolf was bigger than mine and looked stronger, i felt pride swell in me, i couldn't believe i was mated to an alpha who everyone thought of as an omega.

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