Chapter 3 Transform

IS THIS MY FATE MOON GODDESS? By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3208

Updated: 2019-10-30 12:22

Mara's p.o.v

I lay on my bed at night ignoring all knocks that came at my door.

"Mara come on, this party can't start without you, today is your birthday party, you need to attend please" ken said as i ignored him.

I heard a loud howl from afar.

"Mate! Mate! Now!" Abi screamed.

I felt fear and panic hit me, i was so scared, that howl was peters, something was wrong with my mate, i quickly stood up and opened the door, i ran downstairs ignoring the calls and shouts of my name, i ran outside and into the woods not caring that my feet were bare, my heart and mind were telling me he needed me right now, i picked up his scent as i ran, i followed it hoping i could find him, this was bad, it was really late, i knew if midnight was to struck i was suppose to shift into my wolf for the very first time, i heard from Stacy how painful it was, she usually told me how i needed my family or mate around me when i was about to shift, she said it made the pain lessen a bit, but right now all i could think of was finding Peter.

After running for an hour or so, i stood under a tree to catch a breath.

'Abi why cant we find him? We have been searching and running in circles for an hour, I'm really tired, lets give up for today' i said.

I kept quiet and waited for a response which did not come, i was about to turn and head back when a sharp pain hit my stomach, i quickly touched the tree as my breathing picked up.

'Abi' i called in fear.

I felt another weave of pain hit me this time harder, i fell on my knees in pants.

"Shit" i whispered.

When it hit again i scre

amed out with forming tears as i lay down, i was very scared, i tried to crawl but failed, i felt myself become weaker.

I was about to mind link Stacy when it hit me harder than the previous one, i could hear and feel my bones begin to crack and rearrange themselves, i cried out with each weave of pain that i felt, i sobbed lowly as i tried to move.

I felt hands pull from the ground, from the sweet scent i picked up and the calming sparks i felt all over my body i knew it was peter, he pulled me on his laps and embraced me, i breathed heavily as the pain lessened.

"Don't fight it, even if it hurts" his soothing voice whispered in my ear for the very first time, i held his shirt in my clenches as i calmed my breathing.

"It hurts" i whispered lowly.

"I know" he answered while he kissed my head.

I stayed still in his arms for some hours feeling relaxed and comfortable.

I tightened my grip on his shirt when the weave of pain came back worse than before, i sobbed loudly as peter rubbed my back, the sparks made it better but the pain was still there, as i closed my eyes i felt my body become lighter.

Peter let me go as the pain slowly vanished, i whimpered at the loss of my mates closeness.

"You are very beautiful" he whispered as i quickly stood up and looked at me legs, i really was on fours, my fur was so pretty white with a little black spots.

"I know very well you are my mate but I'm sorry, i can't be with you" he said seriously.

I was filled with a lot of different emotions, mostly fear.

Abi was whimpering over and over fearing his words.

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