Chapter 2 Mate

IS THIS MY FATE MOON GODDESS? By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3787

Updated: 2019-10-30 11:05

Mara's p.o.v

"So Mara, you excited right?" She asked again.

"Well not really" I answered honestly.

"Why? Today is the day that you will finally be able to know and tell who your mate is, i bet its rain" She said with a giggle as my wolf growled lowly.

Many people and pack members wanted me to date rain, which was so fucking impossible, rain is like me a werewolf, but his got a very bad reputation, rain is called a virgin hunter by many popular guys and girls, he only dates and sleeps with virgins, he usually say's it makes him feel happy and powerful, i find his behavior so sickening.

I too I'm a virgin, although no one knows, if they did i would turn out to be a laughing stock, I hate sleeping around a lot, I'm keeping myself for me, not for my mate.

'Our body is being kept for our mate' Abi my wolf growled at me lowly.

Abi is my wolf, she rarely talks to me, reason? I once become very angry with her because she was basically forcing me to remember the past i no longer wanted to remember, i snapped and called her an animal which was ruining my life, i even went as far as to threaten her, i told her i would reject our mate if she continued to force me, Abi was angry with me and went silent, giving me the silent torture, but now i was surprised that she was speaking to me.

"Look Stacy, rain is cool but....."

I stopped speaking when i picked up a very breath taking beautiful scent, nature mixed with fresh flowers, i turned and looked at the door were the scent was coming from patiently, i couldn't believe my eyes when Peter walked in, i was left in shock.

'Mate' Abi whispered.

No, peter was an omega, our packs omega, nerd, faggot, low class who was hated and bullied by most of the popular kids, i too bullied him although deep down my heart i never wanted to.

Peter was far from handsome or hot, he was taller than me, he stood at

6'3, he wore baggy clothes and his black hair bangs covered most of his face, no one really knew what he really looked like beneath the bangs not even the teachers, i looked at his hands and neck, he had light bruises on them and looked a bit pale.

'Mate, Mate, Mate' Abi couldn't stop howling happily.

Peter stopped walking a few meters away from me, he slowly lifted his gaze that was fixed on the floor and looked at me.

"Oh fuck" i whispered knowing i could only curse in such a situation.

My heart was beating wildly as my wolf tried to take over, Abi wanted to go and embrace her mate right here and now, my breathing was becoming laboured as i tried to calm down.

"Mara whats wrong?" Stacy asked worriedly.

She gasped loudly, the only times Stacy gasped like this was when my eyes had turned, hearing her gasp i knew my eyes must have turned into a pure gold.

She looked ahead and noticed Peter was looking at us.

"Move! Get lost fucking omega" she yelled at him.

I looked at Stacy in anger, Abi Wanted her dead for yelling at our mate, peter looked down then turned and went back outside.

"Mara are you okay?" She asked again as i nodded lowly while i calmed myself down.

"Well then, lets go to class, we have English for our first period" she said as i faked a smile.

"Um..Stacy, about the party, i don't think i will make it" i said seriously.

"Why won't you? Ken wanted to surprise you, he invited everyone at school" she said.

I picked up my mates scent mixed with fresh blood, i quickly ran outside and saw peter leaping towards the woods that were close to our school with blood dripping from his right hand.

Abi tried to forcefully take control as i tried keeping her back, i moved towards peter, peter turned and saw me, he quickly moved faster as i followed, when i stepped in the woods area he was no were to be seen or heard.

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