Chapter 1 MY 18th birthday

IS THIS MY FATE MOON GODDESS? By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3562

Updated: 2019-10-15 12:22

Mara's p.o.v

I'm Marakai although my friends and family call me Mara, i have long blond hair of which many people think its pretty but i actually don't like it because many hate me before they even get to know me, maybe its because I'm so popular than them, do you know what others really think? That all Blond's are beautiful, so the question is am i beautiful? Well maybe, I'm slender with a fair figure, medium breast, little fat ass and little waist, the most rare of them all are my eyes, they are ocean blue with a bit of red blend in them, every time i meet strangers they look at me with admiration others with hate and disgust, i really don't know why.

So freaking story short I'm werewolf although both my parents are human they adopted me when i was 7, its sad that i cant remember anything before the adoption, i don't know my real mother or father, the only family i know are my adaptive parents and my only little brother ken, by little i mean age wise, ken is 17 but he looks a bit older than his age, his good looking and well built plus his a soccer team captain, he attracts more girls than honey attracts bees on a tree, sadly he doesn't like them but he can't stop flirting with them, ken has different girls for fun each day he changes the like shirts.

Mum, dad and ken know I'm werewolf because 60 % of my school are werewolf 20 % vampire's 10 % humans and the other 10 % are other supernaturals such as witches, pixies, shifters etc, School really is fun and sucks at the same time.

I walk in my school corridor with a deep sigh, i curse inwardly when i spot Stacy near her locker, Stacy and i are part of the cheerleaders squad, Stacy is known as the princess of our school I'm talking about tall, slim, hot body, blond hair and very beautiful w

ith grey eyes, many compare us to each other and it really sucks because we differ in behavior, Stacy is a huge flirt and many guys try to fuck her although she has a freaking mate and a bad attitude towards nerds and poor people, she usually picks on the weak and so do i, its surprising right?

Well i do that to blend in with the cool students here, and since I'm pretty and have a good background i qualify as one of the cool students just like ken and Stacy.

"Mara!"  Stacy calls as she approaches me.

I stand and wait for her, when she reaches me she smiles and hugs me tightly, i pull back annoyed while faking a smile.

"Hey are you excited?" She asks me happily as i look at her a little confused.

"Excited for what?" I ask not knowing what she meant.

"Are you for real? Today is your 18 th birthday and being the beta you are, the party will be great, awesome, big and breath taking, to bad though, it wont be at the pack house" she said loudly.

Fuck, i knew ken would tell her, he really had a thing for her unfortunately she was taken, it was suppose to be a secret only family was suppose to know.

The park i joined in when i was 8 wasn't as welcoming as i thought, the Alpha was an old guy who was rumored to have had a son who left in anger after the Luna had died, I'm still surprised how he hasn't gone rouge yet or died, when mated werewolves lose their mates and love of their lives their wolves die too because of the pain and emptiness they feel, later the person also dies, to me its still a mystery how he keeps on living, maybe that's why his grumpy, our Alpha hates noise, pretty things and celebration, i only go to my pack when there are meetings and new rules or tasks, apart from that i have nothing to do with such

A pack.

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