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   Chapter 53 So this was Girard's secret

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7495

Updated: 2020-05-03 17:20

A month later, Raven's point of view...

"Spilling out the secret won't spoil you plan, Jerry!" My mind was irritated, so I exclaimed with a little rudeness.

None can blame me here since my elder brother was being a pain in my ass. This guy announced regarding a secret the other night at the supper. He told us to be ready in the early morning by 7.30 am as he would be taking us to somewhere!

"Why so impatient, bud? Have some faith on your brother, you will know when i reach the venue." Alright, I swear I will not utter a word after that.

Mom and dad sat in the back seat in Girard's car once I was done clasping the buckle of my seat belt. I wonder what was so that secret! He was currently standing distanced from the car being busy with his phone.

His voice was feeble, so I cannot hear his voice. He was talking to someone in a whisper tone. Mayhap, he got another evil plan in his head with regard to my love life.

That sounds funny, I know but that is hindered and ten percent true. This guy, after the leave of my cruel fake wife's, bought me a dozen of girls so that I can hook up with them.

After the day when Shania won Billy's custody case, I was marred. Being betrayed, on top of that I had to bear the ache of getting separated from my son. I had turned cold towards my life as there was no reason to live it.

I cannot get over the shock. It has left a dark stain on my memory. The betrayal was not hurting but her lie did. She promised me to give my son a good life. She promised to behind goddess mamma but all she became was a vamp step mother.

She proved the world wide proven theory of step mothers by hurting Billy like that. She was no exception as step mum. Indeed, why children fear their father getting a step mum is now cleared to me otherwise I had though, they be a life maker in a broken child's life. However, that woman just pulled the veil from my eyes by playing with my baby's feelings.

I so much hate her. So much that after her leave, I never let her name appear of my lips nor in my mind.

Now I don't feel guilty for leaving her in college. She merited that. The God already knew she was going to play with my son's life may be that is why he made me abandon her in the past!

uneven breaths were the clue. Dad and I glanced each other until we both motioned our faces to see Girard's amused expressions all together. We were not yet cleared with the reason as to why were we standing across the Supreme Court along with an outrageous Shania who was murdering me with her red eyes while she hugged my crying son to her chest.

"So you finally played your card, didn't you?" While Billy wept in an attempt to reach out to me between his hiccups, his mother grumbled in utmost loathe. "I thought you were done with her and, you... You finally understood it was us who meant to be."

Trust me I had no idea what she was grumbling on me for. Her quivering lips in anger, twisted and twitched as I kept glued to my spot knowing nothing how to react. "I told you Kiara's death was an accident..." She brought the talks of that ungrateful day when I lost my daughter.

"Listen..." I began not wanting to stretch it further.

I did not want to give my son to her earlier but after seeing that she was doing everything to be his best mommy, I gave up on him. She was really forcing herself to give him all her affection. "NO need of clarification Rave..." As soon as I heard Girard quote that, at the very moment I saw a Mercedes stopping just on the left side of our car. "We will directly talk about it in the court." He pulled me away from her while the car that stopped beside ours– that opened and... no, that can't be true.

That cannot be fucking true!


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