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   Chapter 52 I need him

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Kiara's point of view...

He was really dancing with that woman who killed his daughter. Not even did he look disgusted for a second. Her dress was backless, looked like Shania purposely wore a dress like that knowing that she would get to dance with her ex husband.

My heart broke shattered laying my eyes on their bodies. They were pressed together and oh— she kissed him on the lips. Whispers erupted in the entire hall, people were talking about them.

The ex couple was kissing each other on the dance floor. Cherry on top, a spot light fell on them hence highlighting their kiss scene in the party. Flickering lights of cameras filled my ears as there were camera men standing in the corners taking good snaps of couple kissing.


I can't see them any more. Raven responded to her kiss too. Not being able to take the pain I ran out of that hall. I stopped across a garden. The sky was drizzling lightly.

My body slid on the floor since my legs finally gave up. They were shaking in the hall only, but they gave up here. I am happy that I didn't fall there otherwise I could not escape that scenario.

But honestly— I deserved that.

I destroyed my life with my own hands. And I cannot blame Raven for responding to the kiss. It was me only forced him to do that. Only if I had not left him in the most needed times then today he would have avoided the kiss.

I sat there crying to myself. The memories of their kiss resumed in front of my eyes again and again. Raven is a good kisser, I can feel Shania enjoying his lips on hers.

And the very thought of them kissing again made me cry.

Don't know how long I kept sitting there. My back was aching now. I pulled myself up standing on my feet again. I have overcome those memories. In fact, I was feeling light headed now after crying.

I wouldn't go back in the party though. I don't want to see them again. So with a quick message I delivered to Payton, I informed him about my where abouts and walked out the garden.

All I need is some time alone before I face Raven. Yes, it was the main reason why I came to the party. I want to talk to him about us, about our son. He will be hurt for some time but I know he will forgive me.

Hope is everything. If I hope than anything is possible.

I was walking on the garden alone. The drizzling has stopped now. It felt good. I wish if I could have a company— wait, was that Billy's voice?

I was enjoying my time alone unless I heard some cries. They belonged to a kid. Moving my legs in that direction, I quickly looked behind the pillar where they grew loud and, "Billy!" My eyes filled with tears as it was really him.

I can't stop my emotions at all. My legs sprinted towards the lady who was holding him and turned

ored peacefully. It allows his uncle to get a clear view of his face.

I know he had too much to talk, yet he kept quiet. He behaved as if I was invisible. He didn't seem surprise seeing me here though as this was not our first meet. All the shocking expressions and the gasps— I witnessed them in the corridor of that hotel that day.

"I know I may be looking very disgusting and pathetic woman to you... But I want you to know I regret every moment till now. I am ashamed of taking a revenge on Billy to hurt Raven. But I swear, I swear Girard, I love Billy more than myself."

He didn't want to speak but I wanted to. I don't care whether he would believe me or not, I just wanted to make myself clear.

" You believe it or not, from now on I will do everything that I can to save him from all the threats." I can only sigh as his eyes were now on my face. "To give you a piece of information, I am going to file a case for Billy's custody case in the Supreme Court next month with the help of Payton, I just want him back. I need him. I just..." my throat choked and I can't continue my sentence any more.

I think leaving it incomplete was better than completing it. I didn't want to cry and sob and disturb my baby's sleep, "Please take me to the room" I quickly walked to his nanny so that I can go away from his burning glares.

The old lady gave me a Bob as she started her walk further. I followed her but don't know what got into my mind that I stopped again, turned around and addressed Girard again, "I don't deserve your help... But I'd be glad if you can bring Raven and your parents in the court. Payton will pass you the details" May be, I can rely on him in this matter.

If he really planned getting me married to Raven for Billy then probably, he will also bring them there! He is a great brother.


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