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   Chapter 48 I hope you are fine, raven

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7473

Updated: 2020-05-03 17:16

"Kiara! Kiaraaa!!" a harsh shake and I came back to my senses blinking my eyes vigorously.

I looked in the front only to find Payton standing before me with a quizzical look. Where is my Raven? Where did my baby go? "Oh Kiara, I have been calling you since long. Where are you lost?" he asked me, but did he see that I was sitting with Girard and talking to him. Not only that, I was actually with my baby and Raven!!!

"I and Girard were talking about bil—" I turned my head pointing at the place beside me where Girard sat however it came out as a shock when I got to see none! "WY-where did he go?" He was nowhere to be seen.

I can't help but stand and look everywhere around with my eyes. I swear he was here right beside me and talking to me about getting Billy back and Raven's love for me. "Who are you talking about Kiara! There is no one. What are you looking for!" It was unbelievable.

I just talked to Girard, he was right there talking to me, and I was adamant to make Payton believe that too. "God's swear Payton, he was just here, and we were discussing about the hearing going to happen tomorrow for Billy's custody." I can't bring myself to trust that neither did I want him to trust that it was a lie.

After giving me such a hope, Girard won't go away. I know they all need me, Carter family needs me just like how need them right now. I miss them... I miss my family. I miss them all!

The thought of them again tore my eyes. There was no going away from this feeling. I wanted to rectify my sins, mend things back and after the conversation with Girard... A hope has risen within me. Please just tell me where the heck are you, Girard.

"Ugh, Kiara." My weak knees were on the verge of crashing but thankfully before I could kiss the ground I was engulfed into Payton's arms. He pulled me tight into his cage providing me the console I needed. "You probably were paranoid!" though it was difficult yet it was true.

I fucking hallucinated his presence around me. Otherwise, why on heaven's sake would he come here to see me and talk to me! It was a fucking vision.

"Hey it's okay! Happens. I know you are stressed out, so am I. Billy's face is hurting me too and I can't even catch some sleep but Kia

oved me. His loyalty made another fresh badge of tears to fill my eyes.

I took him so wrong all these tears, I cursed him unnecessarily and that proved how as individuals we have wrong perceptions about some people in life. It is therefore, rightfully said that, we should not judge any book by its cover!

"How could you be so nice, this is not the Payton I had met in college!" Playfully hitting my wrist on his chest I pulled his leg to which he blushingly smiled and looked down.

I cannot describe how cute he looked at the moment, "The credits go to you, Mrs. Carter. This is all because of you that I am changed into a different person. It's the beauty if your innocence unfortunately, my bad. I can't own you in this life!" He faked a sigh with a crying face.

I playfully hit him again but this time on his head, "Shut up! You will get someone better than me." He rolled his eyes showing off his attitude that my mouth firmed into O.

"Come on, let's go in. We have a lot of things to do from tomorrow." We initiated our walk towards the door. "And before anything, we need to find out about your husband's current situation. Nobody heard about him anything after the Billy's hearing, Kiara. It's dreading but true!" no sooner he mentioned that than my heart skipped beats.

I hope you are fine Raven!


(The end was too abrupt, wasn't it? So I decided to give it a meaningful end;-) So yesss more chapters will be coming from now on. Enjoy reading. Thanks.)

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