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I can bet with his next statement my eyes would stream like a volcanic eruption wherein my emotions will effuse in the form of saline tear drops. Even I wanted to keep forth my view, yes whatever he said so far was damn correct but nobody can refuse that the pain I went through or for that matter the agony I lived my life with was more than what Raven felt.

I agree my fault was that I used Billy as an object but now I regret it. "You know I am now scared of you just like how you were from me in the college!" I blinked my wet lashes letting the queue of tears roll down my picket cheeks as he went further, "If you can punish Raven like that just because he broke up with you and moved on with another girl leaving you behind then, what will you do to me! I have ruined your life as a student, by bullying you badly." he chuckled moving away from, adding up to my guilt even more.

I did punish him for whatever he did, but I am not a bad human. I accept what I did, was that necessary for him to mention that? I was already in too much depression, this will just depress me more. Please Girard, don't call me a sinner! Please.

"I swear I did not know things will turn up like this" amidst my tearing eyes I affirmed in a heavy voice. "I never wished to hurt Billy, I love him more than myself"

"And that is why I am here sitting right beside you!" His sentence left me battling with different questions in my head. I had mixed feelings. If at a point I felt curious than on the other point I held myself guilty and concluded that no matter what I do, things will never be mended again until he said, "Yes Kiara, I am here for a reason."

His genuine positive smile provided a comfort to my heart while my emotions screamed, 'Yes Kiara, there is still some hope to mend things.' I was eager to listen to what he has in store for me. Although it could be good or bad, I never knew that.

However, when he unlatched his lips, my heart fluttered with a new feeling while a ray of hope developed in my head. "All of us make mistakes in the name of happiness, revenge, aggre

are of him irrespective of her personal issues however, surrounding also matters for a stable raising of a child and that can only be provided only if he stays with his father. He seems to be more attached to his step mother. The court is adjourned now." With a tap of a hammer he dismissed the court while I ran to Billy a little annoyed for being called as his step mother.

No I am not a step mother! He is my son, Billy Carter.

"Baby I soo missed you!" Tears of happiness fell out of my eyes as I kissed him on the face eagerly. "Mamma promises you she will never leave you alone, never ever!"

"Promise" I looked to my right and my world stopped. Raven standing there in his office wears looking damn hot and handsome.

This is the first time I am seeing him after that unfortunate night. "Promise that you will NEVER. LEAVE. US!" he emphasized on every word walking toward us, his eyes shimmering with unshed tears.

"Yes, I promise." it was hard to control my emotions and say that Really, the world I have had destroyed few months ago in the effect of hatred has now come back to life.

"I love you!"

"I love you too!"

He pulled me for a tight hug not before kissing Billy in the hairs.

Never knew, I would one day become his beloved wife.

And like this I will get my cute journey starting from the billionaire's fake wife to fantabulous wife.


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