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   Chapter 46 No you weren't wrong!

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 5829

Updated: 2019-12-10 21:50

Third person's point of view....

They scurried out of the room with a lump in their throat. Payton tried to compose his calmed face as he moved ahead holding Kiara's wrist. She was too shocked to move on her own. Her eyes effortlessly stated somewhere in the mid air without batting her lashes whereas her slow dreading unusual breaths made it clear that the encounter had a hard impact on her.

Payton walked fast from right to left until he came to the passage leading to the main vestibule area of the hotel. He was too lost in the thought of getting themselves out that he totally lost his focus and ended bumping into someone's back ahead.

"Uhh I am extremely sorry, I did no—" His utterance further died in his mouth when his astonished faze shot a glance at the face of the person. "Girard!" on hearing the name Kiara looked in the opposite direction amidst her moist eyes only to lock eyes with an equally muddled Girard whose expressions showed how badly it hit him seeing her here all of a sudden after that unfortunate day!

His breaths hitched eventually bringing back the memories that must have been experienced during that phase a while back where she disappeared gradually turning the course of so many lives negatively. "Kiara!" His lips bore a sarcastic grin as his pupils blurred due to the accumulation of tears in his shocked eyes.

There was no need of exchanging words. Their eyes spoke everything that was meant to be talked on verbally. In fact, it was not even needed, if you ask Girard. What she did was her decision and how they managed to live after her leave was their decision. It was difficult to live as the little kid for whom she was married for had to suffered irrevocably.

Any ways, it would now b

otherhood. How could you be so heartless Kiara! How could you! It has been three long fucking months, you did forget him, forget them (Raven and his family) however he still remembered you.

In fact, he remembered you like his mother only. That mother who left him out of nowhere just to seek her revenge on his father. "You should not have been feeling this if you had not taken that step Kiara!" I held my chest listening to a familiar voice playing in my ears.

"Girard." When I turned to my right I found him sitting next to me, all dressed in white with perfectly combed hairs and neutral expressions on his face.

As soon as he shot his face up to see me, I read his eyes only to sense that they were seemingly so positive irrespective of what I saw today in the hotel. "Mmm hmm you got me right, Kiara. I can though understand your feelings. I can understand, It was not easy to take that step for you love Billy and Raven as much as they love you. However, your emotion of revenge was too strong that it overpowered your love toward them hence forcing you to take such step." My head lowered. The more he said the heavier my heart became.


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