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   Chapter 45 Tears of regret!

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7760

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Payton's point of view...

The two ladies in the room stared each other silently. From what I can sense, Shania was more than shocked on learning Kiara's presence here. She did not blink her eyes even for a second. Very well it was clear, she was insecure, baffled and curious to see her there WITH ME.

Her body never moved right from the moment she turned around. Although she was addressing me with a good tone but I knew that will happen. I and Shania had done so many things to separate Raven and Kiara. She wanted Raven and I badly desired to own Kiara.

We worked together to desperate them. And finally when they were separated we went our ways. Shania left the country with him while here I tried to woo kiara. It was impossible though. After his leave Kiara never paid any heed to me or any other guy. She was genuinely in love with him and I know it might be very difficult for her to accept any other guy in his place.

I faked a cough to break their trance. Looking away from each other, the two of them heaved a breath preparing each other. There was anxiety written all over Shania's face. She seemed to scared for some reason. "I never thought I will see her with you!" I turned to face Kiara.

I accept I was equally responsible for her breakdown during college times, it was my plan only to make Shania crazy for raven and come up with a solid plan that can help separate them. However I don't want that to be revealed otherwise she will start hating me again. I cannot risk my years' long hard work to go in vain.

"I didn't know that is you behind such a great product. You look too weird to be its owner!" I chipped grabbing her attention. "If you don't mind then can we talk like real professionals." Shania cocked a brow intently eyeing me with a smirk.

That was true I had to take her help at a point in life to woo Kiara but now I don't need anything from her. No matter what, I will be as stern as I can toward her if that what it takes to keep Kiara to me.

Shania gave a 'whatever you say' type of look before she sat in front of us on a single couch. Throughout the while, Kiara silently read our body postures. She from time to time kept diverting her gaze from me to her as though trying to learn our minds.

"So Payton, I never get into any deal unless I see profit, you know t

piration while there Kiara rose on her legs too looking at the door over the woman's face and Billy. "Billy!" She gasped seeing his tousled red face while on the other side, I intriguingly stared his changing expressions.

His dead face suddenly glistened while it's redness deepened. "Mam-mma mamma" He fumbled breathing heavily. "Mammaaaa" And ended up crying like a maniac stretching out his hands toward Kiara like how badly he was dying to see her. "Mamma!" his head weakly fell back on the woman's shoulder still he continued to scream and cry wriggling to out of her hold and reach to Kiara.

"Billy!" Kiara grasped rushing toward him. Even my heart ached seeing his condition.

Kiara was hardly any steps away from him that, "Martina, take him out now!" Shania's command echoed in the entire room as she pulled back Kiara's arm not letting her go anyway ahead.

"Billy" Cried Kiara.

"Mammaaaa!" Kiara kept fidgeting there for freeing herself from her grip alas Billy was long taken outside providing that his scream stayed behind still resonating in my ears.

No sooner have he gone than, "Take her away Payton before I kill her!" Pushing her in my arms as Shania pointed at the door, I held her protectively.

She had lost her calm. "Come on Kiara, let's go." I dragged her frozen body out with me with a deep sigh with Billy's screams still haunting my ear drums.

I made her sit in the car and just as I sat in my seat looking, my eyes fell on the rear view mirror

And realized, I had tears in my eyes too!


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