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   Chapter 44 Are you— baffled on seeing me

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7282

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His head rested on her collarbone and fingers clutching the fabric of her one piece. His looked so weak that kiara felt hard to breathe. She clutched the table behind her back taking its support. On the other side, Payton awkwardly saw the two women simultaneously in surprise.

His heart pumped in ache seeing Kiara's condition. He wished to provide her comfort and console her notwithstanding he himself could not stand Billy's weak occurrence. He was described in indescribable words by her to Payton but the way he was seeing Billy now, he was confused whether to believe her words she said earlier or believe how he physically looked like!

The surrounding blurred. What Kiara could concentrate on was only Billy. She yearned to see him in all these days, her heart ached to feel him, her hands itched to caress his cheeks, her motherly emotions craved to see him smile again henceforth make everything lively with his fascination.

"Give me a moment, I will go and give these papers to ma'am, till then you can sit here on your seats. We are going to have a long meeting regarding the contract." They heard the tall guy chip. He has taken the papers back in his hands and for now, he was preparing himself to go back to his boss (Shania) and show them to her.

Kiara turned her head away quickly wiping away her tears. She thanked her stars that Billy's face was not visible otherwise she would have lost to her heart and ended up crying profusely over his state. "Are you okay!" She nodded her head in yes pretending as if it did not affect her at all when Payton asked. "If you say then we can go back. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable." Payton asked her.

She did not look okay, her face described her dilemma yet when she again nodded her skull negatively he cannot stop himself from sighing. "Just focus on your deal Payton, this is my problem, not yours. You should not be compromising for me!" He looked down biting his lips.

Yeah, the deal was important for him. He has been waiting for this day to come even before she has come to stay with him in his house however it was not as important as her. He can reject such deals a thousand times for her. Th

eeded the sound of the door lock unlatching.

There Shania stood across the floor the top window, lost in her phone as the tall guy guided them inside of a lavish room. It was neither a suite nor a normal room for visitors to sit but something extravagant. The room was big in size, bigger than the room she was currently staying in. The walls were painted with matte paint while the paintings hanging on the wall showed how overpriced it was!

But on a serious note, that didn't appeal her much. What astounded her was— Billy's non-existence in the room.

Shania was still lost when they entered the room and took a seat on the couch. Kiara sceptically read her physical appearance while accepting the glass of water that was offered to her by an amazingly dressed garcon smiling to her.

"Okay sure, I have already dispatched the contract papers to you, just update me once you get them. Hmm, okay then. See you tomorrow in the party. Bye." Hanging the call, Shania shot a glance out at the setting sum.

The orange sun rays kissed her face abundantly. There were dark circle below her eyes that she happened to hid using heavy make yet it came out visibly adamant of her skin."Soo good to have you here Payton!" She drank in some air filling her lungs before turning around.

"I never thought we will meet like profess—" the word stayed unfinished when her gaze fell on the couch with eye balls exploding out of their chambers.


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