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   Chapter 43 Shocked!

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7677

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Afternoon went by like the blink of an eye, the generous atmosphere soothed hearts with its amusing view. Even the magnificent appearance of the gentlemen during a lunch with Payton in the famous restaurant of Siberia proved out to be real amazing.

"I will just come, hmm!" Payton smiled with a nod as Kiara excused herself from there moving toward the wash room.

Her smile vanished soon as she entered the doors and sighed looking at her reflection in the mirror. "Gosh!" having rested her hands on the slab of the basin across staring her reflection in the mirror, Kiara pressed her lips tiringly.

Last night was damn disturbing, she could not focus on anything— not even on her breakfast. The flashes of Billy's face was stabbing her heart. She wished to see him, just for once but yeah... Any ways, just to get a glimpse of him.

And to beguile her, he offered Kiara to accompany him to a lunch with his new clients. Although she hated the idea as it did not please her at all. How can he take any random girl to a lunch meet where important clients were going to be present. It could affect his business!!!

She tried her best to make him understand that notwithstanding, who can convince Payton Williamson! He very well put forth his point that, "My clients are no saints. One of them is getting his two mistresses on the lunch. Can you believe that! And here I am just insisting my college crush to accompany me!" He proudly mentioned giving her no room to say anything else.

Never mind, after setting her hair properly and adjusting her white jeans, Kiara forced a smile before she unlatched the door and left. "Hey!" she was greeted by her new yet old stubborn admirer who stretched out a hand for her to accept it and settle down in the seat next to his.

He gave the impression of being hackneyed with a tiresome sigh escaping his lips. "Why do you look so dead!" Kiara twittered playfully slapping his bicep with a raised eyebrow.

In reflex, she was lightly pulled toward the side of his seat with a dead look. "Don't ask me anything! Like seriously!" Payton entwined their fingers playing with her bracelet. It was clear there was something that occurred right after her leave and that happened to be the cause behind his annoyance.

"They— are not the real clients.

tion burst by his loud shrill. "I will... I will call them and inquire, give me a minute." No sooner have the tall guy removed his phone to do the needful than only it rung with notification that made his face to gleam in happiness. "They.. They reached. Excuse us please." He along with the others walked out of there, leaving kiara and Payton excited.

They had their eyes glued to the massive entrance of the restaurant curiously waiting to see his clients. However, had not expected a tempest to approach them in the face of long term rivals!!!

Any ways, surprisingly the tall guy appeared again. He sheepishly smiled wishing them again as he forwarded few sets of papers to Payton. "Please sign these papers, ma'am and sir are just outside the gate. They will be here in no moment." Though it was irking as they were again testing his patience yet Payton calmed himself accepting the papers from him.

While he was signing them Kiara stood to his side holding his arm shyly. Don't know why but the environment has suddenly started to deceive her. She was not feeling good. All of a sudden, her zealous mood turned into a clumsy one where she felt very uncomfortable and exhausted.

As soon as Payton returned the signed papers, the tall guy raised his brows pointing over his back. "Ma'am is here!" They hurriedly turned around to see 'the Ma'am' who made them wait for so long and, their eyes popped out in shock whilst they uttered in unison, "Shania!"

Seeing her walk inside with Billy in her arms!!!!


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