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   Chapter 42 Worried for him.

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6629

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Kiara woke up screaming maniacly in the bed. Her face glistened with sweat and eyes with accumulating tears.

Her uneven breaths resulting into panicking pants pulled Payton toward them at an instant. "Kiara! Wh-what happened!" he had to barge in the room mentally armed with weapon for the way she screamed it felt she was in utmost danger!

He sat on the edge of the bed switching on the lights as she was sitting blankly under the dark room with heavy breaths looking nowhere particularly but in the thin air as her tears finally lost count and fell off her lashes. "Kia—" He cannot even finish speaking her name that she jumped into his arms hiding in therefrom all the haunting problems.

Her head rubbed against his chest while Kiara bit the cuff of her sleeve sobbing soundly in his arms. "I.. I... Payton... I saw Billy with her. She will kill... Kill him... Like... Like... Her daughter... He is... Not... Not safe with her!" It was real hard to comprehend her accent and understand what was she trying to say.

It took him a good minute to replay her words all over again in his head in order to learn what was bothering her! Although Payton felt bad that she was here on a trip with him where she was reckoned to not think about him or father, but he had to maintain his cool.

Her dishevelled appearance showed how badly disturbed she was and how much he craved for his presence beside her.

"Hey Kiara, you... You need not worry... He is not in danger. He is with his mother, and she will take care of him. She is his mother, hmm!" His fingers crawled in her hairs giving her light stroke.

To his calmness, it somewhere helped her gather herself however her next set of words was damn unexpected, both to him as well as her. "No Payton! You do not know her, she will kill Billy. She has killed his twin sister in the bath tub and now it might be Billy. Payton please, please let's do something or else she will kill my son. She will kill my so

mind switching the lights off, I Want. To. Go. To. Sleep." She uttered every word taking a seconds pause in the middle.

Her eyes hurriedly latched with the sheets on the bed not daring to look in his eyes. She never feared to look him in the eyes ever before than now! She can perspicuously see how he caught her red handed lying and jumping from her emotions to stubbornness.

Her mind refused to trust his eyes, they never made her feel so uncomfortable in that way. Not in the wrong sense obviously but, she never imagined Payton.... The guy who irked her all the time will catch not only her lies but also her, in the times like this where she was still confused what to do in life now!

"Hmm okay as you say, call me if you need my help. I am always available at your service, ma'am!" He curtsied professionally as if he has been doing that all his life before pressing the buttons of the lights off.

Kiara can finally heave the breath that as stuck in her throat seeing such an adorable Payton doing his best to woo her. "Stupid!" She shook her head excitingly whilst spreading the quilts back on her body.

As soon as she closed her eyes thanking Payton for his generosity, her eyes yet again shone with Billy's crying faces. 'Hope he is fine!' She mumbled to herself hugging the covers tight.


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