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   Chapter 41 His agonies.

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6010

Updated: 2019-11-30 01:54

Life is not easy. Not at all if you ask someone like Kiara whose life has always been a hardship filled with drawbacks and obstacles. However, it will not be wrong to compare her life with little Billy though! Even though it has hardly been two stupid fucking damn years to his existence yet whatever he has gone through counts more than what Kiara has experienced in life.

Both suffered the same. Immense love, depended on somebody who gave no shit to their feelings and gradually in the end saw a cruel heart break that left them to no grounds. Yet again, if their sorrows are measured, it will be realized Billy suffered more.

At least Kiara knew that the person she loved, she was dependent on will never come back after they left, albeit poor Billy was yet confused and hopeful that one day his Mamma would come back to him and love him like the old times.

"Stop it Billy! Can't you just your ass hole mouth and eat this in silence!!!" He cried louder every time Shania popped out her eyes gripping his delicate arms tight and making him sit in her lap. "Stop crying! It's intolerable, please. Shut up and eat this."

She was though trying to be a good mother alas, "Mamma!" He pointed there toward the door requesting her who was his biological Mamma to bring his that Mamma who left him during the darkness of the night hours. "Mamma!" he wriggled strongly in her lap turning her red in grouchiness.

Shania kind of aggressively made him sit on the bed holding his arms together in her clutch. "I am your Mamma, did you get that Billy! I am your Mamma." She shouted that even the poor kid jumped in his placed suck in a deep breath before he let out severe whimpered cry throwing his body on the bed while got fresh tears made their ways out if his eyes.

He twisted and turned on

lly blinked his eyes being on the verge of falling asleep.

The helpless nanny shrieked seeing his vulnerable condition. "I am there for you sweety, if not your real mother. I may not be able to love you like that heartless woman whom you are crying for, that bitch, who left you behind after getting you addicted to her but I will do whatever I can for you." She kissed his hairs longingly. Her lips adored his red face lovingly providing that his tears wetted her lips.

When the salinity of the tears kissed her tongue, she pulled him close helplessly cursing Kiara who happened to be the ground behind his destruction. Not only his, but also his father who has vanished after losing the custody case. "Ohh my dear God, help this kid. Please do something for him. Please, help him recover from this loss!" She hiccuped that her voice cracked and throat choked.

She slowly made Billy lay down in the bed followed by covering him with his little duvet. Her fingers lovingly caressed his head while her heart prayed to the almighty to show some mercy on this little soul before it was late. She lost herself in his innocence unaware of the reality that— indeed God heard her voice.


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