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   Chapter 40 Confused mind!

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 5551

Updated: 2019-11-30 00:54

"Kiara, this is for you!" Payton sat on his knees in a position as though proposing me.

Indeed, he has a ring in his hand with that hopeful expressions on his face that said he was upto something. "I know you are still in the phase oh considering my proposal but would you like to accept my chocolate ring, made with a hundred percent pure Belgium chocolate!" chuckling at his words i saw the crowd pointing at him.

Some whispered that he was the famous entrepreneur who was growing as a businessman rapidly while others adoringly watched as he passed the ring to me. " Please don't say no otherwise my heart that is like this chocolate ring— will melt in sadness" I don't think even he had any thought as to what was he speaking.

People stood in their places admiring us and eagerly waiting to see what will be my answer to his proposal while some removed their cellphones to capture this moment and obviously post on their blogs as to how the popular businessman fell on his knees to propose an unknown girl who was never seen in his arms before as his recurring girlfriend!

I quickly leaned in attacking at the ring and smacked at it until it was inside mouth. "Come on, let's move." I walked ahead as the crowd bust into chuckle watching his expressions and my unbelievable movement.

It has been four weeks to our stay in Serbia. The fair we had come here for ended in the first week only, but he insisted on staying here with me for more time. Payton was doubtful of me! He thinks after we leave this country and go back to our normal lives, I will turn his proposal down and start a new life as an individual again that he strongly opposes!

a yes and there he has already done his part of family planning! I cannot do anything more than looking down with blush. He proudly stood next to me whistling out on his victory.

I don't know but it felt good when he said that. At least, there is someone who is actually planning something for our kids other than planning to marry me for his beforehand born son who needs mother!

Shit, I went too far! I should not be saying that. Not for Billy. No matter how much I try to hate him because of Raven, I cannot. I have explored my motherly emotions that felt contented around him. Billy is that child which every mother desires to have. A cute, doll like naughty baby who obeys to no one else but his mother.

"Hey, don't tell me you are imagining how would we make babies!" I sensed him snap his fingers across my eyes eventually breaking my bubble of thoughts. "Well let's get going. I know there is still fucking more time to get into that phase of life where I will fertilize your eggs and impregnate you." He uttered with a cluck of tongue pulling my wrist along as he walked ahead.


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