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   Chapter 39 Date!

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 5690

Updated: 2019-11-27 23:35

When my eyes unlatched I found myself in an amusing well ventilated, high class room with lavish furniture. The walls were painted with soft maroon colour and flooring of while tiles intrigued my imagination. The room was as good as I could ever imagine in my dreams.

Everywhere my pupil stayed, all I can see was something unique very well conveying that the room was located in a seven star expensive hotel! I was in the bed comfortably covered with the thick feathery quilt. Payton must have brought me here while I was asleep.

He can be such a gentleman! I never knew it.

Slipping out my body from the covers as I stepped down, the skin of my feet came in contact with a feathery floor mat with white fur as if it was made with feathers. I slightly brushed my feet over it making my hair into a bun. The lights emitting in the room made it hard for me to understand whether it was still the day or evening.

With soft cozy steps taken ahead as I moved near the big balcony, I pushed aside the curtains, "Wow! That is— indescribable!" I rubbed my arms batting my lashes at the heart soothing scenario in the front. It was evening, and I cannot speak about its beauty.

The starry sky made my stomach to flutter. May be because Billy loved it! He would stand near the floor to ceiling long balcony placing his little palms on the transparent glass and stare out at the sky for hours until I would pull him to my arms and take him down!

Ugh, why can't I get his images out of my head. Why do I keep on thinking about him. He was not even my own son that, I had to feel this way. Does this mean, I am missing him!

'Yes, you do. You miss his antiques. You miss his voice, you miss his inau

t my Billy. Why can't this stupid heart understand this simple thing straight!

" Hey, are you alright! Don't tell me you are sleepy again!" I sighed blankly sensing a tug on my wrist.

When I was really in my mind, I realized our fingers were locked together and the cool winds tickled our faces. His humorous behaviour helped me forget Billy and about him very soo.

I forgot to describe the context!

We were standing alongside the shore of the beach house that he told me was supposed to be our first place for staying, however he had to change it. Reason, still not told. Just that he mentioned, we will surely visit this house from the inside after I would tell him yes!

Any ways, he asked for my hand and helped me sit in the chair placed across a circular table decorated with delicacies. There were hanging fragrant candles in the surrounding hanging in the mid air over the circular frame of wooden blocks that was decorated with white and pink ribbons and balloons. "Dedicating this night to the loveliest lady I know!" He kissed my knuckles serving me the food in the plate.

Uhhh, he's so charming!


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