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   Chapter 38 Too good to be real!

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 5513

Updated: 2019-11-25 13:17

"So how are you now? I hope I helped you forget some of their images from your head to some extent!" Forcing a smile in reflex I crossed my legs sitting comfortably in the seat.

The buckle was discomforting my posture. We were sitting in his private jet moving our ways to Serbia for the fair he mentioned, what was that! Uh I don't clearly remember that. But any ways I heaved a sigh looking out of the window. "Hmm, almost!" I lied adoring the foggy clouds those seemed nothing more than accumulation of smoke together that formed them.

The azure sky running heavenly with the white clouds made my heart flutter. The world it beautiful from all the sides. Be it the scenic beauty of the lands or the heavenly exquisiteness of the clouds and the majestic aura of the lovely view. I have never seen something like this ever before.

I wonder have he or anyone like him who frequently travels in air planes have ever taken a moment to adore them! "These clouds, they are so beautiful. Have you ever wondered what made the almighty to create them?" I spoke that more to myself as it was a mere whisper.

When I craned my skull in my left since we both preferred to sit away from each other despite having empty seat in our next side, I saw how badly he was engrossed in his tablet making it clearer for me that he didn't listen anything. "Payton! Have you ever noticed how beautiful the sky is?" my tone was certainly loud that awfully brought him back to the plane from his internet land.

His cute smile curved a smile on my lips too. Well earlier that smile was irking and more or less I desired to smash his head so that I could never see h

. Moreover, I am grateful to him that he did not ask me anything about my stay at Raven's house.

He not even did ask me as to what did we do in these months together. The cool breeze from the air conditioner slapped my skin turning it cold. I rubbed my arms resting my head in the window locking my gaze with the beauty outside. "Take this you might be cold." He was standing on my side with his blazer.

After asking my permission with his eyes he affectionately put that around my body making sure he doesn't touch me anyway. "Thanks Payton." my eyes were tired. Even though I woke up in the afternoon I felt the need to fall back to sleep. I don't feel lively these days!

My eyes were shut when I sensed something soft pressing on my forehead. "Sleep. You seem exhausted." Wait! Did he just peck my forehead! As soon as I unlatched my lashes to see him, he was already back to his seat engrossed in his tablet while the air pods plugged back in his ears.

Am I dreaming or is that even reality that the guy I hated and cursed always was caring for me! I must be hallucinating!


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