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   Chapter 37 New feelings!

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7936

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Excusing myself from the breakfast table I came back to my room. Why do should I feel bad about for his son! He was nobody to me. I just happened to be there in that house with him only because I wanted to execute my revenge place.

And Billy, he was the primary target. It was decided ever since the beginning that I will get close to him such that it is difficult for anyone else to handle him in my absence. And when the right time comes, would leave him so that he suffers gradually becoming an integral reason behind Raven's suffering.

But why do I feel so strange. Why is he sad flushed red face affecting me! I didn't decide to be his mother forever. Why would I! He was not even my flesh. I was any other step mother for him who hurt him as it shows in the movies.

Agreed he was a good company, I liked to spend time with him taking his care and seeing to it, he always followed my words although it wasn't out of affection. Rather, it was pure aggression, the fury of pain I in those years while his father was enjoying life on the other end.

Kiara, you need to stop thinking about him. Don't forget his father only wanted to marry you for a reason. He did not make you sign marriage papers but a contract in the name of it. You are not liable if his son dies or lives in pain. You were and are alone like you were always.

Determining strongly to not think about him or his tears any more, I strode down to the floor once again. This time with a new Zeal and excitement putting on my face. "You seem different! What is that babe!" I sat next to him on the couch while he flipped through the pages of the file in his hands.

Payton was a flirt with uncountable relationships with women. Yet he never forgot to take his work seriously. In the last two years he reached to the third position in terms of success from the seventh number. On the other hand, Carter automobiles, Raven's company reduced to the number two from one in the same span of time.

If he will keep working like this than in coming years, he will be the number one entrepreneur with successful business prevailing in the market. "Hmm don't you think we need to go on a trip!" He froze looking at my face curiously.

I let out a chuckle at the expressions. Obviously, it was something to be curious on as I never offered him to go somewhere with me. "If that is to divert me from my wo

eally want to win your trust no matter what. Trust me I want to spend my life you."

I have no idea what to speak ahead. He was not imposing his feelings on me, yet I felt it that way. Why not, a guy won't favour a girl unless he wants anything in return. And he wants me as his life partner. It is not a bad idea though!

Raven is my past, whatever we had lies in past now as I have moved on finally. Perhaps, Payton can be the guy I was looking for a life partner. Who says people who start with bad end with bad nature too! May be, there is more to explore in him just that I need to spend time with him.

"Payton let's not talk about this now. I have just moved on from my past, give me sometime." I lowered my head feeling heck uncomfortable. He surely is correct but still I need time to get over this.

I can feel his eyes back on me, yet he did not speak anything. Hearing him let out a sigh I bit my lips. What if I cannot make any decision! He will be heartbroken. I literally don't want to the reason behind that for I know it pains badly to be deceived by someone who you gave all your time but in the end they just give you rejection.

"Pack your stuff we are going to Serbia, the famous 'Know you love It funfair' of winter is waiting for us." As soon as I shot my head up to see him, I found him smiling cutely at me. "Yeah better you pack more of woollen clothes than this seducing piece." He chuckled eyeing my one piece again with a smirk.

Why on land didn't I see his good side before. Perhaps, I would have been the luckiest girl otherwise!


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