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   Chapter 36 Did I take too harsh decision in the name of revenge!

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 8896

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Saturday, Morning, 'Famous heartthrob award winning billionaire Raven Carter, lose his kid's custody case to his ex-wife!'

The news was everywhere in the news channels by the evening soon after the hearing was made on Friday. The Saturday morning was fresh, I felt different. There was a no need to hurry and drive to somewhere else to see someone else's child.

I yawned getting up late in the morning, oh I mean, afternoon. I never had such an amazing night in these seven months after that day. It was only revenge that I felt, that I thought, that I kissed and that I desired about all the time after he got into my life back.

He thought he will use me and I will let him use myself innocently! Stupid Raven Carter. Haha.

Unfortunately, what he didn't know was that I was no more the old Kiara he knew. I have changed, changed right after I got that call informing me regarding his visit to my city after three years.

I still remember that early morning Friday eight months ago before Raven met me, when I was hurrying to go to my cheap job at the nearby place. I was late due to the overtime I did the other night to get some extra bucks so that I could pay my rent. There was not even a single grain of tea in the jar so that I could make some black tea for myself before leaving to work.

My condition was worse than a beggar. I was anyway going to leave when there came someone's knock on my door. I was alone, nobody never visited me. I was that person in the world who only had her apartment owner banging her door to demand his rent and chip some curses before leaving.

However, that day someone stopped by, from the past. Someone I hated the most for he showed me the reality, cruel reality of the world. "Payton!" there was awkwardness, nervousness as well as a strange feeling seeing him after a long time. Ugh, after five months I mean.

I never expected him to come and see me all of a sudden. He visited me often once in every four or five months so that he can change my decision and win me.

Yeah, I will not refuse he offered me job in his company that came under Top 5 leading companies in US, but a job that was more of a slut than a normal job between a boss and employee.

He offered me to be his secretary with benefits. Not even secretary actually but indirectly a mistress who was required to satisfy his lust during working hours anytime, anywhere.

"What brings you here!" After I opened the door with a dead expression clearly showing my disappointment as to how pissed off I was to see him on my doorstep, I stood aside letting him in for there was noway he would leave without boring me for an hour with his fa

me hot black coffee with mushroom cheese sandwiches.

It was preplanned that after playing my last trick in the game I would take shelter in Payton's mansion in Las Vegas for a time being so that Raven doesn't have any idea where I am. In fact, the morning I decided to disappear from his bungalow, it was Payton only who personally came to visit me and took the pains to bring me here via his private jet.

"The news you badly wished to hear! See this." He threw a set of newspapers of different publishers near me as I was sitting three chairs away from his on the table maintaining my distance from him.

It was obvious he will not do anything against my will yet my heart did not allow me to say him yes for the marriage proposal he made some three months ago when we secretly met in the supermarket discussing about my further plan. He was the only one I relied on throughout this while.

"Hmm what is that news, let me see!" As excitedly as I flipped from one newspaper to another to read articles on Raven, my fingers sweated as I felt a sharp pain in my heart while my eyes met with the pictures printed in the papers. "Billy!" Feeling dizzy with a thumping heart I gasped seeing Billy's pictures where he was in Shania's arm looking back at Raven and his family with stretched out hands crying badly whiles she was walking ahead with his guards.

"So, isn't that satisfying to see! That mother fucker's kid is back to his psycho mother who will take no more than a few months to send him to his grave." Having him remark that, I forced my lips trying hard not to cry and smile at his words however, all I felt was pain and agony while little Billy's crimson crying face flashed in my head.

Did I take too harsh decision in the name of revenge!


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