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   Chapter 35 Alone.

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7258

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That night neither Billy got some peace nor his father!

After coming back home, raven was questioned too much regarding his role in the search. But he could give nothing more than a sarcastic smile all the time with bleeding eyes with painful tears of dejection and self destruction.

He was hollow from within. The organs were definitely working, but he could not keep them connected and help his body work. It was as if he was just a body that could breathe, cry and but cannot talk. He was just a human who has life and no objective in life, no family, no happiness and no peace!

The very first thing he did after getting into the abode was— rush to Billy room, sigh defeatedly near the door with a choking throat and almost run to pick him up in his arms. Raven cried loudly hugging him close that his cries made Billy to soften himself a little realizing how his father was broken.

He can really not get that all but as he hears his father cry hugging him close, he sobbed blinking his puffy eyes to see his father who cried more than him hence giving a halt to his cries. However, it did not stop the streaming tears and his sobs. Yeah, his daddy was broken but the little kid can't even describe what was going on with his him! How much he missed his mother than the others in this place.

"Raven please tell me what did you find! I very well can see your pain, is there something you found out about Kiara!" Mr. Carter sat next to him near the bed eyeing Billy's slumbering yet sobbing body hugged close by his father.

It has been long as ever his mother could recognize as to how long he sat there for hours. Neither he talked nor let anyone take Billy away. He just let his reckless tears to fall off while he stuck closer to his kid sitting in the corner of the bed before the side table.

"I don't know what is wrong with him Gerry! I tried to talk but he avoided me. He has Billy in his arms, please come home soon. I can't see him like that. Please come soon." Mr. Carter sobbed giving a glance to his son whilst standing near the window of the room.

She was confused how to behave or act in this situation. The day was more than a trauma its

g and awful.

They clearly did not know why was he saying that until, Raven laughed out loud with a hard cry. " She just wanted to hurt me. She just wanted to hurt me for breaking up with her." he absent mindedly stated shaking severely. " And she— she took my son as a bait. He purposely came to our lives, to Billy's life. Not to save him. Not to help him get through with him difficulties. She came here to pain me. Just to pain me." He sobbed latching his lashes together tight.

Girard tried to explain to him the importance of keeping peace at moment. He was not ready to trust his words. For him, Kiara was as innocent as a new born infant who was not someone who can hurt anyone. She was as delicate as the petals of flowers and listening such allegations against her was not acceptable.

His parents seconded Girard however, their blind faith attached to the beautiful innocent Kiara came crashing down into fragments when Raven pulled his phone weakly as though he has a hard solid proof to held them wrong. And when he played the last call from the recorded calls list— where the calls are automatically recorded and saved in the memory of the phone, Mr. And Mrs. Carter along with Girard went silent feeling deceived.

That night, they sat together regretting the day they decided to include Kiara, his innocent ex-girlfriend in their family as his wife. As his fake contracted wife who doomed their hopes into ashes.


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