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   Chapter 34 Destroyed!

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6547

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He was back to the point where he has begun it. The hope that came to life with the possibilities that his ex wife could be the reason behind Kiara's missing manifested to be wrong. She had no hand in this matter and Girard was uselessly doubting her!

The evening he left behind whilst going to his ex wife's house was now changed into night. A dark regretting night that brought to the point where he was standing at before her entry in his empire. Raven sniffed recklessly seeing the stars.

After having that heated meeting with Shania he came back to the place where he was sitting at. Chronicle Point— a famous tourist attraction of the city with a valley and mountainous view in the north while a range of roads running in the back south. And whew he sat supporting his back on the metallic body of the car, was a grassy land with little insects running here and there under the moon light.

He had no wish to go home. There was no interest to think about the concerned topic called home. Raven could already see his son in the eyes still crying for her, and he was certain that his arrival will only make him cry more because every morning with him used to come his mamma. When she didn't and had to come late due to some reasons, he would ask him or simply wait at the door for her.

The figment of Billy brought another issue to think on— it was his hearing going to be conducted this Friday! "Shit I— I did not think about it! Billy... Billy's custody case will have no positive effect. Kiara, please tell me where are you!" The more he concentrated on the subject the worst it felt and eventually he prayed more and more to know that about her.

He would not have discussed that his prayers will indeed be answered and, he will get the opportunity to listen to her!

No sooner have he wished than at the exact time his cell rung with an unknown number. Although he was up with the same nonchalant behaviour to not take the call and let it r

off with his emotional dramatic sentences.

Having felt her grumble on the other side, Raven heard her say, " You dumb head Carter are you that stupid that you can't see— IT WAS A PLAN. A PLAN TO TAKE MY REVENGE ON YOU! " Her shout broke his hopes and him into the smallest fragments possible. "I never loved you after you return but pretended it to win your faith. How can you even think that after doing so much worse to me I will get ready to marry for that mother fucker son of yours!"

It was not her language. She was not the Kiara he knew. She can never do this! "Now you will realize how it feels when someone you love leaves you for someone else. You will realize how I suffered without you. You will see with your eyes how it feels to be left out to cry and die. And you will see this all through Billy. Yes Raven, He will show you my condition because I was attached to you the way he was to me. And I wish he suffers more than me. Good bye Raven, hoping to never meet you again— dear fake husband." She ended her part of say with a mocking laugh.

With that the call disconnected leaving him baffled and defeated in the fits of cries. He didn't win that day when he decided to marry her for Billy but actually contracted his son's happiness to her only for ruining it someday.


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