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   Chapter 33 I'll win you back!

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6398

Updated: 2019-11-19 15:19

"Shaniaaaaa get the fuck out of your room!" Raven was being handled by a dozen of gatekeepers, no matter what he dragged all of them with him inside the mansion like a mad lion.

The guards wretchedly succumbed to stop him for he effortlessly marched in with heavy steps yanking them along with every step. Shania could not tame the beast in her front as he glared her with murderous eyes. Any the way she liked it. He is only one of a heck guy who excites her like this.

She worshipped his courage that he came here alone like the thunder in the dark night frightening everyone with his persona. The way he huffed in a manner resulting from betraying anger that was all because of the woman who was coming down slowly via the stairs.

Like any other evening, she was dressed in the shortest night dress going above her mid thighs putting her slender legs on a show with a plain shawl wrapped around her like a scarf covering her braless breasts. Shania satisfyingly grinned watching her ex husband on her door step.

With a sign of her hand she dismissed the guards while the other moment she ambled forward jiggling her hips rhythmically. She reckoned it will set his cells on fire in defiant of that, Raven cocked his brows abusing her grits.

"What brings my dashing man here in my house, hmm!" Shania silently whispered seldom unclasping her lips. Her body thud crashed with his pressing her front with his solid rock chest kind of rubbing herself on her.

She gratefully sweeped her index finger on his cheek considerably lingering on his shoulder. It was worth playing with the fire while it was igniting the high with great fury. His eyes made her heart to thump in restlessness. She was testing his guys and obviously she was aware he would pain her the worst!

Erratically, Raven stayed quiet letting her do the heck she wished. He just wanted to see what she can do after everything that happe

us shout when Raven pushed her to the ground carelessly, her head hit a hard spot thus bleeding.

Even though she was in pain she smiled getting on his nerves as the blood drip on the carpet. Raven regrettably stared her. She have just worsened her habits. He sympathized her with a sad smile seeing how behaved— like a mad woman clapping her hands. Nevertheless, it was assured that she was not involved in Kiara's sudden missing. Rather, someone else!

"I always knew you love her more than you yourself knew it!" Now her eyes filled up with saline tears all set to fall down. "And that is why I made you leave her and be mine. Only mine." She was starting it again, and he didn't have time to deal with this.

So, turning around Raven marched back to the door while she continued to speak loudly on his back. "And I will make you mine again Raven. But not by kidnapping your wife or doing any harm to your family instead— I will woo you back. I promise." He had to stop and look back with a Sly smile.

Raven crossed his arms focusing on her face. "You think I will really come back to you!" Watching nod confidently he rolled his red eyes turning around again but not before making it clear that, "Try your best then. I'd like to see how far can you go!"


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