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   Chapter 32 Kidnapped

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6232

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The morning turned into the blackening evening while the search for missing kiara still continued. Billy worsened his physical conditions crying constantly without taking a pause for even a second. His fair chubby cheeks swelled up paling severely. His azure blue eyes were not any different from what his cheeks appeared like! He has puffed up the skin around his eyeballs that occurred as if someone hit him on the eyes.

MR. Carter and Girard returned home soon after they got the information regarding Kiara's sudden intriguing missing report. They combined the sky and earth together doing their best to look for her everywhere possible. Girard even went to visit her apartment in Amsterdam where she stayed before getting hitched to his younger brother.

None of the three gentlemen of the Carter empire heaved a breath of relief ever since they were told Kiara was missing and Billy turned into a crying mess under her absence asking for his mother every time he parted his lips to speak.

"What should I do!" Raven tiringly sat on the bonnet of his Audi rubbing his face with a defeated sigh. He checked everywhere he could considering how dear the place was to his wife and how frequently she visited it. "If I had known Kiara will go missing in the morning then I would never have fallen asleep!" Tears flew from his eyes. They were red too with the realization that he did not see her face since the fucking morning.

Life was cruel. If it gave him happiness for a few months then it also gave him a shock just in a morning that was more grieving than anything else in his entire life. "Kiara, where are you? Please give me any clue about your location. I will put my life at stake to find you. Please come back. I miss you, Billy misses you. We all are missing you!" He shed a stream of tears gazing up at the changing colour of sky with blurry sight

e. "Hello!" Girard spoke on the other side of the call seeming thrilled listening to his brother's deep breaths. Raven only does that when he is extremely angry or for That matter fidgeting to control his exasperation.

Girard however did not utter even after getting no reply instantly to his greet. "If what you said is true then they are dead!" and with that Raven disconnected the line speaking only his part of emotions and clearly avoiding to expand the talk any more!

He growled hopping on the grassy land facing the sky as the cold winds hit him. His heart nonchalantly chanted her name wishing for her safety. Raven wiped the saline drops out with the end of his sleeves from the palm side attempting to be focused.

It was not the time to cry like a coward. His wife is strong, and he knew she will take care of her in whatever situation she was. If inside he was praying for her well being than from the outside Raven clenched his messing his hair, loosening the upper buttons of his tee sitting in the car readying himself to face his ex wife!

Igniting the engine urgently Raven pulled out on the deserted road driving gruesomely with high speed toward the one and only destination— his ex wife's lavish abode!


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