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   Chapter 31 Where is Kiara!

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The morning hushed in bringing in something that nobody could have anticipated! The sun gleamed in the early morning while the squawking of birds echoed in the context. The lights of the City Seattle was off as it was the weekend. The citizens peacefully stayed in the bed calling it a perfect Sunday.

Raven moved in the bed breathing deeply. His hands craved to touch her soft skin that provided him console. He roamed his hand on the side of the bed next to him shrinking his brows with closed eyes. "Kiara!" He sleepily called trying to open his lazy eyes.

The side was empty. She was not there beside him, 'She must be in the wash room' with this thought he fell back on the pillow falling asleep instantly.

Raven was sure after he would open his eyes from his much needed sleep he would get to see his dear wife's face first thus turning his Sunday perfect alas, he didn't find her anywhere in their bungalow. He checked everywhere in the house.

From the kitchen to the garden down where she would go to have an early morning walk everyday, he checked almost in the places she could be at and much to his surprise, she was nowhere to be spotted. "Uhh may be she is at mom and dad's place with Billy!" Yet again he fucking thought rather than taking the situation seriously.

His wife was not there in the house. He didn't see her since the fucking morning. Instead of searching her he was idiotically hypothesizing her whereabouts other than going and looking for her. Raven afterwards moved to the kitchen to make himself a cup of hot black coffee with a quick diy omelette sandwich.

Billy must be crying and whining and like any others time throwing tantrums on his grandma which made her to call Kiara and ask her to come over. It has become his habit to see her face and be pampered by her with showers of kisses in the morning by her.

Unless she would not pick him up, kiss his forehead and make him eat his breakfast Billy won't eat or behave like a good kid. He wished for her presence all the time. And Raven was sure she must be there at his parent's house handling his stubborn son. "Just a few more days baby then your mamma will be there with you forever.

ly's cries increased. "Finally you came. Just look at your son, he has messed up his bed and crying harshly." she said with an escape of a tired sigh.

Looking behind him with eager eyes she smiled, her focus totally distracted. She was tired of Billy's whines and cries, all she wished now was to see Kiara's face— her super daughter in law who can handle her grandson!

Just the morning and she was tired. Don't know what would she do when the reality will hit her!

Okay, Raven stretched his arms walking past his mother toward his son's room while his mother followed him. "What does my brat kid wants other than Kiara! Why is he crying even when she is there with him." He stated walking ahead.

Notwithstanding, Mrs. Carter stopped in her track blinking her eyes in dismay. She looked down on the floor over Raven's shadow with a dazed expression as she exclaimed, "But Raven, Kiara is not here!" He halted looking behind at his mother, confused.

"Not here? How is that possible mom. She left my house in the morning only. I thought you called her early for Billy." He breathed scratching his nape.

His mother shook her head negatively while she said.

"That is what I want to ask you Rave, where is Kiara! She is not here. Nobody came in the morning." Raven looked down blankly on the floor unable to comprehend what was going on!

If Kiara is not here at his parent's house nor there in their dwelling then where is she!


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