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   Chapter 30 What's wrong!

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6472

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Days were passing in jiffy. And with the passing time Billy's attachment toward Kiara grew more. He became her obedient son who behaved himself only on her insistence. Ate food only when she sat with him by taking him in her lap and stuffing his little mouth with the food with her hand. He slept only on her chest being lulled with love and read stories.

All in all she has become an obsession of his life. An obsession that was giving him immense comfort and happiness. "Mu-mmmy!" He slurred kicking his legs in the air while laying on the floor on the back. Kiara was busy keeping his tiny clothes in the cupboard and there he was whining just because she was not taking him in her arms.

Billy flipped on his stomach. He rose from the floor on his elbow staring her longingly as she folded his another few shirts those were supposed to be kept alone since they were to be washed again due to the stains it had on them. All thanks to his new habit... A new game he explored a week back. He would frequently go out in the garden to play with mud and little insects under the security of the two officer appointed and so dirtying his clothes as badly as he can.

"What do you want baby? I am working, go and play with your toys." It was said in order to distract his mind as there were more chores lined up to work on however, it only annoyed him more. Billy fell on the floor again with thud thus crying loudly with tears. "Billy!" Kiara sighed watching him cry as loud as he can.

There was nothing she could do rather than leaving all the work aside and pulling him up from the floor. As soon as she picked him up, he stuck to her chest hugging her tight as if she would go away if he won't hold on her tight. He sniffed near her throat while his tears moistened her skin.

He never cried unless he was not disturbed or sleepy. Today, Uhh his reason for crying in her arms was different. Kiara blinked her lashes only to see ho

who Girard was mad for, they were in relationship but you know how he is, she left him because of that. But you and I will bring them together, and We will go on couples date together. It will just be fun." He squealed in joy sharing everything he was going to do right after the Friday night.

Albeit, he was just making castles of happiness in the air which has no reality at all!

Any ways, after seeing to it Billy was perfectly into the blanket with a line of pillow made around him a barricade, so he doesn't fall, Kiara descended the stairs joining the Carters on the dinner table. Raven was there already, all freshened up and looking yummy in his black tee and grey trousers.

What made her stare him more was his wet dripping hairs that shone in the light. "Have he eaten anything before sleep Kiara!" Mr. Carter was talking to Kiara, but she was too busy checking him out that she totally forgot there were people around. "Kiara!" Chipping her name a bit loudly this time Mr. Carter coughed a little glaring in his place while the lovey dovey couple looked away in embarrassment, Kiara especially.

"Uhh, mom pass me the bowl of rice please." Raven smirked as she sat next to him biting her tongue awkwardly.

Why she have to be soo fucking stupid like that!


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